Retreat Notes 2015 Part III

retreat notes

Saturday Evening
6:45 Conference
8:00 Exposition, Vespers, Adoration until 8:15 AM

Fr. C had been in the confessional for a long time that day–my conservative count was about three hours. So I imagine he was glad to get up out of the confessional room and stand up for a bit!

Conference Three Notes:

  • The three theological virtues (how God works in our lives): Faith, Hope and Love. “God Words in us without us.”
  • St. Augustine: The God who made you without you can’t save you without you. (Think about that for a bit)
  • We participate in our salvation
  • Mary has all the virtues perfectly. (i.e., prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude)
  • Her role for us is intercessory.
  • God works as a movement in our lives–how is he working?
  • God acts first. Everything that we do that is good is a result of His first act.
  • Surrender takes faith.
  • You cannot love what you don’t know.We have to get to know God.
  • God wants us to recognize what we need. He’s acting, but we can’t always see how he’s acting.
  • All grace is mediated.
  • Angels mediate grace/law/messages, in their Biblical appearances.
    • God chooses to have grace mediated (instrumentality). It doesn’t have to be this way.
  • Even when we’re in a spiritual desert, God is acting. He gives us things specifically for our good.
    • the desert is about conversion, which we all need.
    • Mary is fully converted. She had a choice, and she helps us with our choices.
  • God is knowable; He uses human instruments to be mediators of grace.
  • Mary: “Do whatever He tells you.”
  • We desire the good of others. We want our love to be effective and we get frustrated when it is not.
  • Feminine instinct: To anticipate someone’s needs and to do it gracefully. We live in accord w/ that instinct. Our generosity is reveled in our love for others.
  • Sin and the devil want us to cling to things/people. We have to turn and see what is truly attractive.
  • Mary is our hope.
  • Charity/actions reveal who we are. We are judged by our actions.
  • People in Heaven (saints) are active in charity. They intercede for us–they are superabundant in their charity.
  • “God can help us anonymously, but He doesn’t like it as much.”
  • Trust that God is acting in your life. Be patient, be ready, and don’t rush it.
  • Turn back to the Lord. Patience–God really does things.
  • Grace of charity speaks of real friendship.
  • God orders everything for our Good. He wants us to flourish.
  • Model the saints, admire them.
  • Acts of worship, i.e., adoration, help us get to know God better.
    • The first act of worship is adoration.
  • God wants to reveal himself to us.

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