Lenten Contemplation

From A Time of Renewal: Daily Reflections for the Lenten Season:

In order to make an attempt toward a reflowering of beauty in our own lives in this springtime season, it is necessary to take the responsibility for our own goodness and for our own beauty…When we don’t like ourselves, we are also very easily a prey to envy, to jealousy, to vindictiveness, to sullenness, to resentfulness of other people. This is only what you would expect of this kind of area. But if you accept the image of yourself as a temple of God, then by that acceptance you immediately take on a tremendous responsibility. A temple of God has to be kept shining and clean and uncluttered and beautiful…And so in agreeing to love ourselves, to appreciate ourselves, we show ourselves humble enough to take on the responsibility for our own lives and our own growth before God…

The first step in trying to grow beautiful is to accept ourselves as created beautiful, called to be beautiful and called to be great…But when we have accepted responsibility for ourselves, when we have the security of knowing that we are created beautiful, whatever our failures are, whatever the ways we have defaced ourselves, then we have the power to become increasingly beautiful…

Let us look deeply into the liturgy, and let us pray for one another, that at the end of this Lent we may be more beautiful to one another, more responsible for the goodness that is in us, more appreciative of what is possible for us to be in God’s sight.


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