Seven Quick Takes Vol. 72



I don’t know what’s going on–if the Moon’s in Jupiter, if the weather is just Wuthering Heights Moor-ish, or if it’s the last gasp of Lent, but this week has been really out-of-sorts. Is anyone else feeling this?


Some of it is stuff that doesn’t really matter, like when I wake up. I mean I don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time most days. But I dislike getting up past 10:00. It makes me grumpy. Yet that happened every single day this week. I guess my body is saying it needs this much sleep, but…? So, Grumpy Cat’s been out to play this week.


Downton announced that next season is its last.

Here is my prediction:

Mary is not going to get married. Instead, since in 1925 (when the last season will be set)women were able to inherit property on their own, she will become the official heiress of Downton, thereby solving the “succession crisis” that has plagued the DA since Episode 1! Therefore, Mary is the heir when Robert dies, followed by George. Ta-da! So Mary can marry the pig man if she wants, but she doesn’t have to. She never has to marry again, because she is set for life as far as a place to live goes.



Holy Week. Wow. Are you ready? I never feel ready, no matter how long Lent has seemed. It’s always like bam! That being said, I love Holy Week at my parish. There’s so much richness, and we have adoration every day and solemn vespers every night.

I was born on Good Friday, so naturally I have a special place in my heart for that day, anyway, but my birthday often falls on Palm Sunday or Holy Thursday, as well. So this week always feels a bit like ‘birthday week’ to me.


Speaking of Birthday Bonuses: Outlander starts the second part of season 1 on Holy Saturday. Jamie in your Easter Basket, indeed!


Since Pioneer Girl is now in the house, I’ve been re-reading the Little House books. I’m about to start The Long Winter. I really like the books when the family is in DeSmet. I think they’re my favorite of the series. Reading Farmer Boy always makes me so hungry. I know I can’t be alone in that.


I’m about 50% done with washcloth no. 2. Hoping to make some more progress over the weekend!


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