Seven Quick Takes Vol. 73



Happy Easter Season, everyone! He is Risen, Indeed!



Yesterday was also my thirty-third birthday!

The Google Doodle you get for your Birthday. I mean how awesome is this, people.

The Google Doodle you get for your Birthday. I mean how awesome is this, people.

I love birthdays. I love getting older. Really, I do, people. Never discount how awesome it is to grow older.


We celebrated yesterday with dinner at Longhorn and then Red Velvet cake at the house, followed by presents. It was a tiny celebration but that’s OK, since I’ve gone out with my friends a few times pre-birthday, so there’s been lots of little celebrations, which make me happy. Like I said, birthdays rule.

(And yes, I like to celebrate everyone’s birthdays! in my last office I was sad that no one wanted their birthdays celebrated!)


In the tradition of April and my birthday, it rained. A lot. The day I was born, it was a blizzard, so I guess it could be worse, right?! But I still managed to get in a nice one mile walk around my neighborhood before the heavens opened and the rain went nuts. The grass is exceedingly green, already.


Part of my birthday gift to me was watching Interstellar. People. Please see this, post haste.


I’ve also been working with the AMAZING Cristina on blog revamping and my author page. Please, please, please go to the page and sign up to follow? This is hugely important as part of my “book package” that will be going out soon. There will also be free goodies and fun writing content that will be over there only.

Please and thank you! 🙂 A free way to help me celebrate my birthday! 🙂


CCD resumes this week. I hope the kids didn’t forget everything in the two weeks they’ve been off.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 3.19.17 PM


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