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My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem.

Awww, Colin, it’s not that bad!

LOVE that tub and wine photo. Sign me up. 

I like pampering myself with life’s little luxuries. You know, like sitting in an armchair and reading a good book that you have bought yourself with joy- by this, I mean a book that you have purchased for yourself, to experience and not to display on a coffee table. Or like listening to a piece of music that touches the very bottom of your heart. Music is extremely important to me.

Christian Bale (Corriere Della Sera’s Style Magazine, Jan/Feb 2012)

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Academy Award winning actor Colin Firth (b. 1960), date unknown.


Academy Award winning actor Colin Firth (b. 1960), date unknown.

Best Picture Update II

The Social Network:


  • Andrew Garfield is both hot and an incredible actor. I would see Never Let Me Go just for him, and I hate Keira Knightly movies with a passion.
  • I can also see how Garfield was once considered a favorite for Edward Cullen in Twilight. Yes, please!
  • The music/score is awful. The scoring for the facemash sequence made me want to scream. UGH. Worst score I have ever heard.
  • Aaron Sorkin, as usual, provides great dialogue. If only people actually talked this way…
  • Mark Z., as written int his movie, is a really, really enormous *#%()&!%#{(. It’s hard to really like a movie when you have zero sympathy for the main character. He’s totally cheating people out of money, ideas, property…and he treats his best friend like crap! And steals his money!
  • Justin Timberlake does a surprisingly good job! I really liked his opening scene with Amy. “Like Napster?” “Exactly like Napster.” (Which I did use, back in the day, before it was totally illegal, et al. Sigh.)
  • Too bad Larry Summers didn’t make a cameo. That would’ve been awesome.
  • “I was a U.S. Treasury Secretary. I’m in some position to make that call.”
  • British kids don’t “major” in anything. They read French Literature at Cambridge, or Classics, or Economics.

Best Picture odds: No. For a few reasons:

  1. Awful score, as noted above (or lack of score, for most of the movie). How this even got nominated for best score makes me want to kill something. It is much too overbearing in the beginning, especially in the facemash scene. This is NOT a horror movie, we do not need all the shock chords, hello.
  2. The main character is totally unsympathetic. It’s hard to like a movie, I mean really enjoy it, if you want to punch the main character in the face all the time.
  3. While it’s really clever and well-cast, it doesn’t make you think (a la Black Swan) or touch you in anyway (like King’s Speech, Winter’s Bone), or show any real arc of the main character (The Kids Are All Right, The Fighter). Yeah, you sort of get that he’s sorry for dissing Erica, but not really.
  4. This is a good movie, don’t get me wrong. But in a year with this many good movies, and a crop that has some exceptional films, I don’t think it will take the final prize. 

Other big Oscars: Best Actor is all Colin. Best director—this has seriously possibility here. I was sort of ambivalent on this category but I think this movie might take the directing award.