Seven Quick Takes No. 67



So I’ve had a cold essentially all week—-yaaaay! (Not. :-P) So I’m going to make this  a 7QT about books because there’s nothing else going on. 🙂


I’m reading Kip Thorne’s The Science of Interstellar
Seriously, if this is what we would’ve discussed in physical science instead of Mousetrap cars, I would’ve loved physics!

And yes, any discussion of physics requires this:

Anyway, I really liked Interstellar, and this book is crazy well-written. I’m loving it so far.


Second: Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet

Seriously, folks, I’ve had this on my shelf since Borders was in business. (In fact that’s where I bought this book.) But it’s dense. Really dense. It’s one of those books I’m marking up with pencil and post-it flags. It’s good, but man, it’s got a lot going on that appeals to the research side of my brain, from French and British aristocracies to the writing of fairy tales. People. There’s so much here. If you’re at all interested in dance, this seems to be a good book for you. (Although reading it, I’m not sure why it was a ‘national bestseller’. Unless people are doing what I did and buying it and not reading it for years…)


Third: Our Mutual Friend (Oxford World’s Classics)

I actually watched The Invisible Woman yesterday, about Charles Dickens and his affair with actress Ellen Terney, and geez, Charles Dickens was a jerk. I’m sorry, but he just was. (I already thought this, based on Clarie Tomalin’s biography).  He treated both his wife and Nelly (as Ellen was called) badly. He was not good with women. Jerk.

Anyway, Our Mutual Friend is the last novel he completed, and it was a return to the serial form of his earlier days. I loathe the serial form. However, this book’s premise is intriguing (as I wrote about here), and I’m just getting into that part, so I’m sticking with the crazy excessive amounts of characters.


Fourth: Faith That Transforms Us: Reflections on the Creed

Full disclosure: I’m related to the Cardinal. He’s like my fourth cousin or something obscure like that. So I generally like whatever he writes because, hey, he’s family and he could be Pope. (Not likely. But still.) But this book, about the creed, is a good read and I’m using it for my Dominican study.


Fifth: Make it Happen: Surrender Your Fear. Take the Leap. Live On Purpose.

I keep dipping in and out of this. It’s so good, guys.


And finally…..A Boat, a Whale & a Walrus: Menus and Stories

I fully realize I am that strange person who reads cookbooks like novels. But I also fully realize that this is a freaking AWESOME cookbook and y’all should either buy it or get it from the library ASAP. It’s awesome.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 53



Outside my window::

Sunny and 59 degrees! Kids are roller skating and playing catch. It’s delightful!


An asymmetrical skirt, red short-sleeved cashmere sweater, Lady Mary style red earrings.


The White Queen; Seven Secrets of Confession; Diary of St. Faustina. I finished Happy Are You Poor last night. There is definite food for thought there. We’ll see what I can actually incorporate.

In the CD player::

In honor of seeing the new North American tour this week–Phantom. 🙂 Original Broadway Cast.

Around the house::

It was so nice on Saturday that I actually cleaned my downstairs windows, inside and out. It was quite impressive. This week I’ll be cleaning out the pantry/fridge/freezer, and I’m on a continual “paring down the books” jaunt.


Parish mission starts tonight and runs through Thursday. I’m hoping to get there for a few nights. I need it this year!


I’m keeping a food journal, which has proved really beneficial to me thus far, and I’m doing some ballet beautiful and yoga this week. Rehab starts next week so I want to be sort of doing something right before we get there. 🙂

Plans for the week::

W: doctor appt.

Friday: Dinner and Phantom with my friend Mary!


I made a great chicken cacciatore last week–the best part was I made it before Mass, came home, heated it up for like five minutes in its pot, and it was ready to eat! It was pretty simple. I’ll have the recipe up in a bit.

Eating with the parents tonight, pasta or chicken tomorrow night. I’ve got a recipe for buttermilk chicken I want to try, and a colorful salad that goes with it. I think it’s actually called “rainbow salad.” How can that not be good?

Photo thought::

me and Tiffany at Schmidt's a German restaurant in Columbus, celebrating birthdays.

me and Tiffany at Schmidt’s a German restaurant in Columbus, celebrating birthdays.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 34

Linking up with Suscipio!


Black maxi skirt and purple top, both from White House Black Market.


Prayer Primer; Tips for Actors (I re-read this every time I do a straight play), the novel And Then There Were None.

In The CD Player::

Nothing. In the midst of CD changing. 🙂

Around the house:: 

We did this and this over the weekend. Now on to deep cleaning the living room!

From the kitchen::

Not sure this week. I know. I’m bad.

Being healthy::

Swimming, since it’ll be warm enough this week, and ballet beautiful. 

Being creative::

Christmas Scarf No. 2 in the works; learning my lines for And Then There Were None.

Praying for::

Thomas Peters

Plans for the week::

Catechist retreat for the upcoming CCD year on Sunday. Possible rehearsals this weekend (I’m only in Act I, so I’m not sure what this weekend’s schedule looks like.) Parents coming over for dinner tomorrow.

captured::My Oxford University Press books–well, some of them–displayed


Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 31


A khaki colored silk faille skirt from Talbot’s (I love, love full skirts); a red short-sleeved cashmere sweater (it’s not even 80 here today), black flats, red earrings a la Mary Crawley from my favorite Etsy shop.


Nothing Daunted, for book club; it’s our August book. Also Keeping House, Organized Simplicity and the last book in my Austin series re-read, Troubling a Star.

In the CD Player::

a Mix CD I made a few years ago.

Around the house::

I had a “nothing on the schedule” weekend so I got to actual work down my to-do list. I cooked twice (glorious meals!) and cleaned the kitchen, as well as put some things back where they belonged. Today: vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor.  The house is slooowly returning to its pre-show appearance.

From the kitchen::

Over the weekend I made two Rachael Ray recipes–Drunken Tuscan Pasta, which involves an entire bottle of Chiant and a meal based on her trip to Cinque Terre, in Italy. I had some timing issues with that one, since it was basically three small dishes that were being made at once. But I’m going to fix that, and make it again at some point, because it was just really good. Or it had the potential to be good before my can opener decided not to cooperate. Tonight is pasta with olives and Italian breadcrumbs.

Being healthy::

The back is cooperating, so some yoga tonight, I think. Dance classes are starting again at the end of August so I need to think about re-enrolling in those. It’s too cold to swim but it’s nice enough for a bit of post-dinner walking, if I’m so inclined.

Being creative::

Doing another round of editing to the novel I finished during last year’s NaNoWriMo. Also casting on a new knitting project since I finished the scarf, which actually sort of morphed into a really fun and ruffly sort of cowl thing, instead of a basic scarf. I have no idea how I did that. But it’s pretty! The new project is a bookmark. I keep re-casting on. I think I’ve got way too much tension and just need to be more “loose” with my yarn.

Praying for::

Thomas Peters

My cousin who is pregnant with her third child (yay!)

Some other special intentions

Plans for the week::

Haircut tomorrow because my hair is craaaazy long

Book Club on August 1 (For our July book)

Dominican chapter retreat and Dominican Rite Mass on Sunday.



Also– the idea of keeping just things I love, from Organized Simplicity. I have a lot of books and movies. I am fairly sure I don’t love them all. Like, yes. Love? Not so much. So it’s time to get them out the door.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 27

Outside my window::

Looks like a storm is coming in so no swimming tonight. boooo.


A gray skirt, sky blue top with ivory colored lace trim around the neckline, the Venitian glass necklace I bought at the EPCOT Italy pavilion, and sandals.


Game of Thrones book 4, A Feast for Crows; Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things; Doctors of the Church, Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette (I love anything about Maria Antoinette). Over vacation I read the following: Dearie, a biography of Julia Child, which was tremendously well-done; Possession which was a glorious read, which you must read immediately, and Game of Thrones 2 and 3. I also re-read Ahab’s Wife.

In the CD Player::

Les Miz complete recording, Act I. Working on word memorization and running through blocking in my head as I listen.

Around the house::

Oh, the general stuff that happens when you’re home from vacation: unpacking is almost done, however. Grocery shopping needs to happen, as well as general cleaning and tidying of post-unpacking. I’m trying to establish a rhythm to my housekeeping a la Fly Lady or something of that order.

From the kitchen::

Well first I have to have things in the kitchen. 🙂 I got two cookbooks in Orlando: Delicious Disney and one written by Princess Diana’s chef. Both have great things in them that I want to try. But tonight is Chipotle night.


That two of my friends, who are moving, sell their houses!


“Every Francis needs His Clare”

Importance of community theater

Working out::

Workouts for every day that I don’t have rehearsal. So that’s today, tomorrow, Thursday; Friday I’m going to a yoga class, so that counts. Maybe a pick up ballet class tomorrow?

Plans for the week::


Wednesday: Music rehearsal

Thursday: Lunch w/ Dad

Friday: Restorative yoga class w/ a friend of mine

Saturday: Music rehearsal

Sunday: Blocking rehearsal

I also need to write two letters and a thank you note.


The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest. Divine.

The Grey Stuff at Be Our Guest. Divine.


He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Holy Week and Easter notes and sundries

Easter cookies

  • Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Mine consisted of 10:30 Mass and lunch at the local Buca di Beppo with my parents and my siblings and their significant others. There was much Italian food eaten and many leftovers brought home. 
  • It finally warmed up over the past few days and we’ve had sun and spring temps. Welcome Spring.
  • Go back and read the Easter Gospel, and notice how many times John says he beat Peter to the tomb. We get it, John. You da man. You are faster than Peter. Everyone for thousands of years can rejoice in that. 🙂
  • I love my parish, but I don’t think I can go there for Good Friday anymore, because they chant the Passion and it makes me absolutely insane. It shouldn’t take six notes to say “Who”. Really? Maybe it’s because I’m fasting, but I’m hungry, I’m cranky, let’s go. I had an appointment with my dermatologist (every six months, Oh Joy, since we transplant folk are at a much higher risk for skin cancer than the normal population) so I didn’t get to stay for the whole thing. But the chanted Passion is like nails down the back of my spine. Uggggggh.
  • I went shopping for a bit with my parents last night and got two birthday gifts: A Vera Bradley case for my iPad mini and one of their cosmetic bags for packing purposes for the upcoming Florida Adventure. Good thing we’re taking the car. I have so much stuff I need to bring with me that the carryon is always bulging full of meds and another medical materials. It’s definitely easier than pre-transplant, but it’s still more stuff than the Average Bear travels with when they fly.
  • Saturday was the anniversary of the premiere of Fraggle Rock, so I had this in my head all day:

(not that Fraggles are EVER a bad thing…)

  • This week: Ballet class, and cleaning, and the cable guy coming….nothing major on the schedule. My birthday is next Tuesday so we will verily rejoice then. 🙂
  • As far as this week’s food: I’ve got it scribbled out here, but I do need to revamp my veggies and fruits for the upcoming week, because they are basically gone.
  • I am reading the first Game of Thrones book, and I have to admit, I’m liking it more than I thought I would. Normally “adult” fantasy makes me lift my eyebrows and go “really, folks?” but this is good stuff thus far.
  • My easter dress–I’ll have to post a picture later–was a lavender colored one from Boden with a white dot pattern that matched my pearl necklace pretty well. 🙂 I wore that with a cardigan and black patent-leather heels. Doesn’t matter how old I get–I want a new dress for Christmas and Easter. 🙂 There were some girls at church today with their Easter Hats, which is always excellent.

The Rite of Spring

Blog readers:

I am not often at a loss for words. I am now.

There is just no way to describe the awesome epicness of BalletMet and Columbus Symphony’s Rite of Spring. It is beyong adjectives. I was amazed, exhilarated, thrilled–I wanted to get up there and dance. James Kudelka’s choreography seems to me to be so close to what Nijinsky had done back in 1913 Paris. I’ve seen several of his works, and I think this is clearly his best effort yet.

Jean-Marie Zeitouni and the CSO were in top-notch, world-class form on all the pieces, but in Rite, they were glorious. Everything about it was perfect. The dancers, wearing dyed pointe shoes and mismatched costumes (that they pulled from the costume shop themselves) channeled the primitive, sometimes disturbing (as when the sacrifice occurs at the end) but always incredible emotions that permeate and pull this work forward to its conclusion. I have never had a more thrilling evening at the ballet, or the symphony.

If you live in Columbus, or anywhere near, you must come. Two more performances, one tomorrow evening and one Sunday matinee. DO. IT.

The performance also has Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun (DeBussy), with choreography by Amedeo Amodio, and Rapsodie Espagnole (Ravel) with choreography by company dancer Jimmy Orrante. The costumes for this were fantastic, and the three men and three women who danced this piece brought the Spanish influences to life with their clear, crisp dancing and Spanish inspired costumes.