Weekend Rewind

Friday: The show! Aren’t you surprised? 🙂 Followed by going home, getting in bed and reading The Song of Achilles again, because I really like this book. Before the show, had a sublime salmon dinner and bought new sunglasses. Also read Redeemed, by Heather King, and scribbled some character sketches. 

Saturday: Bath. Clips. Lauds. Gym. Lost another pound! Woo. 🙂 Puttered a bit around the house. Mass at 5:00. Show! The grape bowl was refilled backstage, which made us all much happier. (As I said: “I can’t work without grapes.”) Really, the entire cast is, to put it British-ly, “Splendid.” I”m going to miss them. Home, to more reading of Achilles. 

Sunday: Clips and lauds, which I did in a park near the theater. Lunch at First Watch, really more of a brunch. But still good. Love those crepeggs and potatoes…matinee was good, a nice sized crowd, and then home. Shopping—got a lamp for the music room downstairs, which is looking much better and less like a badly lit dungeon. Finished Siegfried, took a bath, ate dinner, and am watching The Painted Veil, which is a totally underrated movie. 

Weekend Rewind (sort of)

Yeah, I know the weekend’s not over, but I’ve been neglecting you guys over here. (Sorry bout that…) So here’s the deal…. 🙂 

FRIDAY: Not much to say about Friday. Work, doc appt., then rehearsal. We ran the entire show, and I think I’ve finally cracked this character….or, at least, come up with a way in that will work for the run. There’s always room to go deeper. (There’s more on this coming up.) Got home around 10:20ish. Penguins won game 5. 🙂 (Game six in 1 hr. and 50 minutes….) 

SATURDAY: Up,clips, gym. Almost 2.3 miles on the treadmill. Home, then lunch at B&N (I was feeling the tomato sandwich), then grocery shopping at Giant Eagle, where I spent enough to get 60 cents of each gallon of gas, which made me RIDICULOUSLY happy. So I filled up. Home and nap until rehearsal. We ran the whole show again—but got out at 8:30! Schwee! (It’s not a really long show) Hit Target for some show cosmetics (foundation,  mascara) and came home, where I watched The Princess and The Frog. I hadn’t seen it before. It’s pretty cute, and the songs are definitely catchy. 

Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Another weekend, another…tornado warning. This is getting to be a habit. And if it’s going to continue, my basement needs lamps and a couch, post-haste.
  2. Tonight I got to do something fun—I got to design my birthday cake!  I have NEVER done this. It was supposed to be a surprise, but since my mom is sick, I went with my dad. It’s a Wizard of Oz cake, of course, with red velvet and milk chocolate layers. The ruby slippers, Toto and the yellow brick road are all incorporated. It’s going to ROCK! (And cream cheese icing) I’m having it with my family on Easter Sunday since my birthday is a rehearsal night. I will, of course, post pics. 
  3. While doom and gloom is being predicted on my TV, I made crab quiche, from a Whole Foods recipe. It’s currently got about 30 minutes to go. I love quiche, but have never tried it, and this recipe sounded easy and perfect. Also this weekend, I’ll be making my basic tomato sauce for pasta puttanesca next week. 
  4. Rehab is going well—done on Wednesday! I can’t believe it. Today was hard but it’s supposed to be at this point. I definitely have more energy and feel a lot better. 
  5. I watched HOP this week: it’s really cute! If you have kids, or just like cute movies, I recommend this one. Neat animation, great voice work (Hugh Laurie!) and it’s just sweet and funny. I might even watch it again. 
  6. Reading: Finished Ahab’s Wife, and really liked it! 
  7. The Play: Going well. We’re off book Act I tomorrow so checking my lines tonight, but I think I Have them all. Acts II and III are harder for my character. 

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1) YES I am seeing The Hunger Games this weekend! Probably tomorrow since I imagine tonight is well-nigh sold out. So tomorrow afternoon (it’ll be cheaper, too, ha.) I am vastly excited! Will post report when I get back tomorrow.

2) Saw a fantastic show last night—Columbus Civic’s Moby-Dick: Rehearsed. Wow. Some background: I really dislike the novel Moby-Dick. In college, I signed up for a class called 19th century American novels, because the course description listed things like Little Women. So I thought I’d break out of my Anglophile-heavy load and take something new. Well….not so much. 

First of all, the novel is one part an awesome story and one part Whale Encyclopedia. The latter bored me to tears, and parts of the former are….not so awesome. Reading quizzes with questions like “who was in the first harpoon boat?” only furthered to kill any fire I had regarding this novel. I have tried to read it again (last year, being the most recent) and again the Whale Encyclopedia has defeated me. So I was a little hesitant about the play. 

The play is fantastic. Its premise is that it’s a theater troupe rehearsing Moby-Dick, so things like the boats, and, of course, the Whale, are imagined, which makes for a really immersive audience experience. The cast was great and I had a fantastic time. Maybe this is how Moby-Dick should have been written—as a story about revenge and obsession, instead of whale facts!

3) Had dinner with my parents at IHOP, where, despite the fact that one was recently built near my house, I haven’t been to in 12 years. In spring of 2000, my high school upperclassmen choirs did a “Florida Tour”—singing at Disney World, and competing in a national choral competition.  We drove the 23 hours from Pickerington to Orlando, and when we arrived at 7 am the next day, we went to an IHOP, with a jukebox and a very tropical vibe, thanks to the palm trees around the property. We were a bit sleep deprived and starving: those pancakes were great. Tonight I had their Maui Shrimp, which, surprisingly, was really good. I was skeptical of anything non-breakfast at a breakfast place. 

4) I’m watching Xavier play Baylor, and am, of course, rooting for the Ohio team. It’s close right now with 1 minute left in the half. OSU won last night, and I’m hoping that Ohio U could pull off the miracle against UNC, but I’m doubtful. Still, it would be awesome. 

5) Rehab is still going well…weight being lost, heart cooperating, all is well! Did a great leg circuit today—20 steps (each leg) on a step (like in stem aerobics), 20 releves (except the PT calls them “calf raises”), and 12 wall squats. Then repeat. It’s a great workout for the entire leg/bottom half of the body. 

6) Rehearsal for Bernarda Alba starts on Sunday! I am soooo excited! This is going to be a great, great show. I’ve always wanted to be in a drama—like a straight play drama—so this excited me greatly. I’ve met one of my castmates (she was at Moby Dick last night) and I think we’re going to have a really talented group of women. 

7) Just completed a big food shop at Target. I was surprised to see they have nice furniture! And COUCHES! I mean, wow! It was a fairly comfy one, too! Might be a candidate for the basement room…