Daybook No. 96

Outside my window::

Cloudy. It’s not supposed to rain, but we’ll have clouds all day. I’m not opposed to that.


My PJs–a black t-shirt and Disney PJ pants. I’m unoriginal. 🙂


I just finished Emma: A Modern Retelling, and I did enjoy it. At first I was sort of concerned because Emma was really different from how she is in Austen’s original, but it all calmed down by the end of the story, and, as always, Alexander McCall Smith is magical. For my birthday I also received Station Eleven: A novel, (which I’m probably the last person to read) so that’s on my list, as well as At the Water’s Edge: A NovelAnd I’m reading Ivanhoe (Penguin Classics). I’m reading it very slowly, a few chapters at a time before I go to bed. I’ve found that this is the best way to work through Big Fat Novels for me, other than a road trip. Small doses, and I get through it that way. 🙂

In the CD player::

The Lion King. Really. I don’t know why, but it’s been speaking to me lately.


So, thanks to Cristina (again!) I have a new plan for posting. This week is a little off because I had clinic yesterday and I was cranky afterwards so I didn’t get a lot of posting done. But the new plan is to have fresh content on the blog here and the author site twice a week (on both), with Thursdays being the days I work on my manuscripts. So if you don’t already subscribe to the author site, do it, so you can get that content as well. I won’t always cross-link over here. Read this post for more on how Important the Author Site Is. 

There is also going to be some redesign happening here, so if you see any crazy test posts or changes, fear not!


About to start the third piece of the housewarming gift. I hope to have a few rows cast on before tomorrow’s Yarn Along.


Steering back toward a better diet, which means really cutting back on carbs and other empty calorie snack things. Time to focus again on whole foods and protein. Wheeeeee. Of course this does mean strawberry and mint omelets, which are yummy!


So many people I know are going through hard seasons. Really hard seasons. Join me in praying for them?


Plans for the week::

Writing. Working out. Lunch with Dad on Thursday. The normal fun things. 🙂


Patron Saint for 2014

So every year Jen at Conversion Diary runs the Saint Generator, which gives you your patron saint for the upcoming year.

this year, my patron is St. Catherine del Ricci, which is somewhat ironic; she’s the patron of sick people, and was also a lay Dominican (there were called tertiaries, back in the day).  I have to say, after reading about her, I like her muchly. This sounds like a saint I can really like! (Not that we can’t like all saints, but you get my drift. Right?)

Head over to Jen’s if you want your own patron saint for 2014.

Rejoice, the Reading Blog is Back! And a GIVEAWAY!

OK, so my friend Nikita and I used to run a book blog called Three Bookish Girls. We wrote about books we were reading, issues with authors and books and basically it was all books, all the time.

Well she got married and moved to SC, where her husband is stationed (he’s in the Navy). So the blog sort of went away.

But now it’s BACK!

We’ve renamed it, redesigned it, and are ready to start again.

We call it The Literary Garden.

And in honor of that, I’m giving away….a book!

My friend Stacy has written a wonderful devotional called 21 Days to Finding Purpose In The Pain. I  just read it and I loved it. She really speaks to Christian women who are undergoing physical and/or mental/emotional pain in their lives.  She has graciously offered to give one lucky reader a free copy! (It’s a PDF copy, because there aren’t “real” copies yet…click on the link above for more info on the book and how to get it if you don’t win)

This is how Stacy describes the book:

There is nothing more challenging than painful situations in life whether physical, emotional, relational or circumstantial, pain has a way of cutting us to the core. In 21 Days to Finding Purpose in Pain, the author takes you on a journey through her story of living with 19 years of severe, chronic pain and a variety of other challenges. Each day in this devotional is a mix of God’s Word, thought-provoking questions and examples from the author’s life and prayers, which will hopefully help you seek God in prayer for the circumstances you face in life.
If you’re ready to see the challenging things in your life through a different lens-the lens of eternity-then this book is for you. Come and see as God does what only He can do in the midst of your pain-make beauty rise from the ashes in your life!
So if you’d like to be eligible to win, leave a comment on this post with you favorite book! I will draw a winner next week.

Catholic Cooking–UPDATED with Lenten archives link!

We all know I love to cook, so when I found this site, I got pretty excited, especially when I saw the recipe for this. 

I mean, fasting bread? How awesome!

This broth recipe also looks great for Good Friday.

Here’s the entire Lenten/Holy Week archives. Have fun!

Simple Woman’s Daybook–May 21, 2012

Outside my window…breezy and warm (low 80s), but storm clouds look to be gathering.

I am wearing…a navy blue wrap dress 

I am reading…just finished Alice Hoffman’s The Dovekeepers. While I took awhile to get into it, it really redeemed itself with the last section. 

In the CD player…Adele’s 19. Yes, I am late to this party. But…better late than never, oui? 

I am listening to…Rachael Ray prepare a 30 minute meal. 

In the kitchen….tomorrow spaghetti with lemon and crab, and Greek village salad; Wednesday the Rachael Ray meal—steaks with a SW rub, corn and cheddar bread, and a Mexican salad. Yummm. And since it’s memorial day weekend I want to do something special for one of those days. That’s TBD. (Check out my food blog for recipes and ideas from my kitchen) 

Around the house…since the show is now over, I can get to life as usual. Right now, that means doing some neglected household tasks, like, um, vacuuming, and hanging the rest of my pictures that have been un-hanged since the move last September. 

A few plans for the week: Tomorrow and W: Yoga. Thursday: holy hour and dinner w/ 20s group; Friday-Monday: LONG WEEKEND! Movies, cleaning, hanging pictures, cooking…all sorts of fun stuff.

In the garden…I have a tomato plant! Which is getting planted tomorrow! And the herb garden begins this weekend. 

Thankful for…over here

Thinking about…summer rhythm. I have a lot I want to do, but it’ll require some thought to see how it’ll all shake out. 

Photo I’m sharing: 

Yoga class last Monday

Shameless plug

OK, well, sort of. 🙂 

I have a blog that’s sort of more of a scrapbook, which you can see here.

It’s new. And it’s all about meeting a life goal and doing fun things in that year. 

I’ll still be blogging here, of course, but this blog is sort of special to me. 

So I’d like followers. 



If you enter your email in the box on the top right hand side you’ll get fun updates!


Shameless plug over…

Church Thursday. Church yesterday (six hours!). No church today, rehearsal instead. 

Then tomorrow, BIG PARTY! Easter! Bon Vie! My 30th birthday party with my family! 🙂 

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–February 13, 2012

Happy 30th birthday, Annie! 

(This was at her wedding last September)

We’ve been friends since we were about 6 years old…and now we’re 30? Oh, yikes. 

Outside my window…clear, chilly, with a breeze. Not bad. Most of the snow is melted off. 

I am wearing…jeans, and a grape camisole, that sort of crushed-cotton pattern. I had a thick cardigan jacket on over it, but it was a billion degrees in my office, so it’s off now. And I’m cooking, anyway. 

From the kitchen…right now, black rice and tequila-lime salmon. The rice had to start before the salmon. Tomorrow, probably carbonara, because it’s Valentine’s Day, and that’s how I roll. Today I had Pumpkin Pie Bisque for lunch, and was sort of transported. 

On the blogs…it’s Jane Austen week! Get started with negus. Tomorrow’s post is about Jane’s family—of pastors and navymen…later this week, we hit the books, the movies, all sorts of stuff!

In the CD playerAida, OBC. But also the 25th anniversary Phantom. Oh, be still my heart, folks. There’s some glorious singing there.

Giving thanks for…over here

Reading…holy gee, a lot. Today finished CAtholicism—the book that accompanies the massive DVD movie set. Started The Night Circus, which really has my interest right now. Also Memoirs of Cleopatra and Galileo’s Daughter—who was a nun. Actually, both of them were. That book also has my interest. But it’s not as quick a read as Night Circus, for obvious reasons. 

Hoping for…no port accesses this week. 🙂 As in, no visits to the Resort. I think I can do that. Follow-up with my ENT on Thursday, where I’ sure I’ll get all the grisly details of what, exactly, was in my sinuses. 

Keeping house…thinking about renovations to the bedroom/book room/basement—as in, what furniture I need in these places to make them what I want them to be. 

A few plans for this week…talking about organ donation to the Statehouse Organ Donation Caucus on Wednesday morning; 20s group (stump the priests!) on Thursday. 

Living the liturgy…it’s almost Lent. I think I have a plan. Do you?