7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 2



I’m GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! OK, no, I didn’t win the Super Bowl. Last year, my parents attended the IBM Conference in Orlando, where my dad was a presenter. They stayed at a Disney World resort. It was an ENTIRE WEEK OF DISNEY. Well, OK, it could have been for my mom, because my dad was in conference all week. At night they were free to do things. I was very jealous that they got to go.

Well my dad is going again this year, and is, again, presenting.  But this year, my mom doesn’t want to go. Disney’s not exactly her bag (although she loved the pool at the hotel). So this year, EMILY GETS TO GO.

Do I even need to tell you how excited I am?


The last time I went to Disney was in 2000, for high school choir tour. I was a senior and this was the highlight of a great senior year for me and my three best friends, who were also in the choir program at PHS. We took charter buses down, stayed in an all-suits hotel, went to Typhoon Lagon, Disney World, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom, and had a blast. Oh, and kicked butt at a national competition. And read James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man on the beach at Typhoon Lagoon, because we had to have it read by the time we were back in Ohio. Let’s just say a lot of us fell asleep reading. (I hate Portrait very, very, VERY much.) Anyway, that trip was awesome, and I haven’t been back since.


We will be staying at this hotel. This hotel has awesome pools and a SPA. One of the things I left off my bucket list was my desire to go to a real spa and get a massage and facial. So I can cross that off while my dad is at a programming session. 🙂 I am totally looking forward to this.


And the BEST part, of all the best parts? The new Fantasyland. People. This is like a girl child of the 90s dream come true. First off, they built Prince Eric’s palace. Inside: A ride. They build the Beast’s castle! You can eat in it! And you can eat at Gaston’s Tavern which  has “antlers in all of [its] decorating!” You can visit Belle’s house.  Do I even need to tell you I will be eating at Be Our Guest? They built Belle’s village. I am in love. I may never leave.


OK, so now that I have established myself as a Disney nerd…the other thing I’m really excited about is EPCOT, because, although I’ve been there twice, I’ve never really been able to explore on my own. First time I was a kid, and my brother and I fell asleep. Second time, it was riot with Tiff and I ending up eating cherry cordials and drinking Coke in the America exhibit. EPCOT was a lot of loony fun, but we blew through it. So I want to spend some time there. Dad is also probably much more partial to EPCOT than the Magic Kingdom. 🙂


The first time we went to WDW, my brother fell asleep every time we were in line for “Peter Pan’s Flight”. I doubt the every really experienced it. We also greatly enjoyed eating Mickey Mouse ice cream treats outside the Jungle Cruise and the Parade in the evening. But this time, I want to ride the Tiki Bird Room, because I’ve never done that. And I want to do the Jungle Cruise again. 🙂


In EPCOT, I don’t know where best to eat. Suggestions? They all look soooo good to me. Last time I was here I got my picture taken with one of Cinderella’s mice in the French section, which was awesome fun.

So yes, this 7QTF was brought to you by…Disney world. 🙂

Bucket List

After dinner with my parents tonight, my mom pulled out a pencil and a scrap of paper. “What’s on your bucket list?” She asked me and my dad.

I’d thought about this a bit before, but my mom had never asked me. Here’s what I said:

  • go on a cruise
  • Go to England and Scotland (preferably during the Jane Austen festival!)
  • Go to Italy
  • See an opera at the Met (that was going to happen this year, but then my little sister decided to graduated from college. 🙂 )
  • Go to the West Coast, like California or Hawaii. (We could combine this with item number 1 and go on a DISNEY Cruise to Hawaii!)

Another item on my list: Be in a production of Les Miserables. This is going to happen this coming summer, because one of the community theater companies I work with got the rights to the new full version of the show (not the adapted “school version” which has been out for a few years.)

I am massively excited, of course. Over the past few years I’ve also done Jekyll and Hyde and Ragtime with this company, and these are two of my “dream” shows–shows I really love. Les Miserables is also in this category. Even if I don’t get an actual “part”, the chorus stuff is amazing.

So this summer brings one Bucket List item to completion. Now about the rest of them….