Weekend Rewind No. 3

( I figure I should start numbering these….)

Friday after work I had dinner with my sister and my cousin Kelly at the local Max and Erma’s. It was raining cats and dogs out, so we thought it was a good night for a good movie. Mel had to save people and work the night shift at the hospital, so Kelly and I went, first to Barnes and Noble, then back to my place for a bit, then the movie (which we both liked). I dropped her off at my parents’ (She’s staying for a few days while her flute is repaired nearby) and went home to collapse into bed. 🙂


After the usual (clips for work, bath, cleaning) I went to pick up Kelly. We had a busy evening planned. First we went to the Candle Lab in the Short North to make candles. Kelly  chose watermelon and orange peel oils for hers, while I chose Tupelo honey and Georgia Peach. Our hands smelled delightfully like these oils for hours after (and mine still smell like a honey, a bit). After that we went to Mass at St. Pat’s, then to dinner at the Grass Skirt, where we got lei’d and had an excellent dinner.

We picked up our candles and then headed back to my place, where we watched the U.S. version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Kelly and I love those books). Kelly said that the Swedish version was a lot more graphic, so I was glad I hadn’t seen that one. The Penguins, thankfully, won their round one playoff series in the meantime, so Dad was in a good mood when he came to get Kelly at the end of the film.


Slept in, then headed to the last preliminary Les Miz rehearsal before proper auditions over Memorial Day, and our first rehearsal the Wednesday after. This is going to be a great show; I’m really excited to see what our final cast ends up looking like, since we’ve had a lot of people in and out at these rehearsals (and since today was mother’s day, a lot of moms were missing. 🙂 )

Afterwards I went to my parents’ to celebrate my own mom, and we had pizza for dinner. Pretty low key, but after last weekend , low key was just what we wanted.

Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. OK, so to start off, in honor of Jen (who hosts this thing!), she retweeted one of my most popular posts from the old Bucket—If I Never Knew You. Thanks, Jen! I sort of updated that post here. I hope you enjoy. If you have any comments/feedback, I’d appreciate it! 
  2. This is sort of 1a, but yeah, I’m on twitter. I’m @capchoirgirl. My twitter productivity varies widely! And can one say “twitter productivity”? Probably not. 
  3. The birthday celebrations have continued! Cupcakes at rehearsal on Wednesday—when blocking death, chocolate is good to have—and dinner with my friends after rehearsal today. We’re going to Mezzo in Gahanna, one of my favorite restaurants. 
  4. Rehearsals are ROCKING. Today we’re running Act III off book and then tomorrow we’re whole hog—running the entire show! Really excited. Also excited because this week is the week we start to build in the set and work with props. TIme to break out the character shoes!
  5. Been working on the physical activity. Went two miles on the treadmill on Thursday and going to hit it today as soon as I’m done with this. 🙂 I actually enjoy it….shhh, don’t tell anyone!
  6. Read a lot of great books this week, but my favorites were Imagine: How Creativity Works, and The Song of Achilles. Both brilliant. 
  7. I am really mad at my hockey team. In fact, I may just ignore them the rest of the year. 

Seven Quick Takes

1. A big off today—the body gets cranky when it’s get cold, which is why I tend to like summer better. Even post transplant and on prednisone, the joints are not so fun in the winter. And big magnets in the head make for head issues…but anyway, feeling better now, so maybe they just needed a day off, which they do need, occasionally. And in my increasing age (ha!), I have learned to listen to the body, which was something I didn’t really do pre-transplant.

2. I am super-irate (that’s putting it mildly) about this. Um, conscience? Faith? Religious belief? That pesky “Free exercise” clause? Wow. 

You know, he needs us—the Catholic vote. But he doesn’t respect us at all. Maybe it’s time to take our votes elsewhere, oui? Why would a Catholic vote for someone who continually ridicules what we believe?

3. The tree is finally coming down this weekend. I know, I know. I’ve been really slow on this…but I like my tree!

4. Snow. Again And wind. Apparently more snow tomorrow, but I’ve also got free tickets to a ProMusica concert here in town. I’ve never been to one of their concerts, and it’s got Chopin’s Piano Concerto #1 and Mozart’s 33rd Symphony on the program, as well as two works by Chinese composers (the program is in honor of the Chinese New Year), and a Chinese pianist playing the Chopin. So it should be fun—assuming the weather cooperates! I’ve also never heard Chopin in concert. 

5. Been cooking a lot this week, and I think I’ll be making some Pioneer Woman brownies tonight. Yum…although sans icing. I’m not really an icing on my brownies sort of girl. 

6. Tonight is a good night for movies! Contact, Michael Clayton and Silence of the Lambs are up, thus far. 

7. Books: Finding Calcutta and Here. Now

Weekend Rewind

Long weekend!

FRIDAY: Got up at….7:45. Which is not long after I get up for work! Managed to sort of doze until 8:15. Then got up, did clips, showered, and went to Best Buy to get Harry Potter VII Part II at 10:00. (Yes, I was one of those people who was waiting at the door!) Brought it home, watched about 70 minutes of it, realized it was skipping a lot, brought it back to Best Buy where I swapped it for one that worked.

My mom was having Sisters’ Weekend at Easton, so I drove her up there to meet them. After saying hello to my aunts and my grandma, Mom and I hit Coldwater Creek, where I got a shell, a cardigan, and awesome herringbone print gray pants that have shimmer in them! My Aunt Mary also bought me Unbroken, which was a fantastic book! 

I left them to go meet Tiffany at her place. We had lasagna that Tiff made and then watched Harry Potter, where, again, I cried buckets. 🙂 

SATURDAY: Slept in. 🙂 Clips, shower, over to my parents’ to watch OSU and Pitt games with my dad and brother. Left around 4:00 to get Tiff—in honor of her birthday I took her to dinner at Mezzo and then to the Columbus Symphony concert. It was all Russian composers. Great food, great concert. 

Ohio Theater chandelier. 

SUNDAY: All church day! Clips. 10:30 Mass. Then at noon two make-up novitiate classes for the Lay Dominicans. Then our meeting. Then interview with our spiritual director, Fr. Thomas, which was the last thing I needed to do before the council can vote on me making temporary promises next month! We continued our Scott Hahn bible study, then said rosary and vespers together in the church. Dinner @ Bob’s with mom, dad, and bub. Then back here to bill pay, prep things for this week (last one before Thanksgiving, wooooot!)Dr. appt. tomorrow so going to bed after Once Upon A Time. 🙂 

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1) Happy Veterans’ Day! In my family, I have an aunt, a grandfather (my mom’s dad), and my cousin’s husband who have served. I also have two friends from college. THANK YOU! Do you have any veterans in your family? 

2) Since it’s Veterans’ Day, I have the day off. So I was planning on sleeping in, but nope! Got up at 7:45. Well…gotta give the body what it wants. So I have a French breakfast puff and coffee. This is good. 

3) It’s also Harry Potter VII Part II release day! Yay! I might even (gasp!) walk to Best Buy to pick it up at 10. There is a Best Buy right down the street from me. So it might be fun to pull an Elizabeth Bennet and walk. 

4) Tomorrow I’m taking my bestie Tiffany out to celebrate her 30th birthday. It was in September, but for her gift I had her select a symphony concert she wanted to attend, and I’d get tickets. She chose this weekend’s Russian Soul. So we will have dinner, then attend the pre-concert talk, then the symphony itself. Party! 

5) Seems like fall has finally set in. It’s getting colder and may even (gulp) snow. Don’t know how I feel about that. I like snow in very small doses, all before Christmas. 

6) Lay Dominicans this weekend at St. Pat’s. Always a fun day (long day, but fun). Next month I make my temporary promises! Wow! Can’t believe I’m already there. 

7) RE: Harry Potter. I might have to watch it by myself first, so I can have a good, cathartic cry. Man, that movie makes me sob. Even more than the book, which I didn’t think was possible. 

Simple Woman’s Daybook–November 7, 2011

Feast of all Dominican Saints

Outside my window…getting dark…the one thing I don’t like about daily savings. Oh well. Lovely fall day,. 

I am thinking...about my massive to-do list for tonight. There’s a lot on there, mostly stuff that needs organized, found, written, and done (like exercise). One thing about it getting dark earlier, it really kills my after-dinner walks, so have to find something else to do!

I am thankful for…the approach of another holiday season. How I love it. (All of it…Turkey Day, Advent, Christmas…)

To live the liturgy…Mass today for Dominican saints; tomorrow we remember all the souls of departed Dominicans. Also, being faithful to the Office. My life is a lot better when I do that. 

From the kitchen…cinnamon puffs from The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. It’s a feast day! And these look yummy for snacking and breakfast. (and QUICK)

I am wearing…black pants, a berry colored sweater, and matching camisole underneath.

I am creating…A short story. 

I am readingFive for Sorrow, 10 for Joy

In the CD player…Original cast, The Phantom of the Opera

Around the house….dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, lots of loads in the dishwaster

A few plans for the rest of the week….Voting tomorrow; 20s group on Thursday; DAy off on Friday, so watching Harry Potter Seven part 2 and crying my eyes out; taking Tiff to the symphony on Saturday

A photo thought: 

At the barn dance on Saturday with my favorite dance partner. 🙂 

Simple Woman’s Daybook–October 24, 2011

Outside my window…well, can’t really tell because my blinds are drawn. But it looks sort of cloudy from what I can tell. 🙂 

I am thinking…glad my stomach is cooperating now! Also, that Once Upon A Time last night was really good. I now have something to enjoy about Sunday nights. If you didn’t see it, the general gist can be found here. (I think you can even watch the first episode)

I am thankful for…Sprite Zero. 🙂 Also good TV shows, tea, autumn. And that I got to hear this awesome concert on Saturday. 

From the kitchen…well, not much today. 🙂 But housewarming party this weekend so I need to get shopping for food!! I’m thinking cocktails and nibblies. 

I am readingThe Annotated Dracula, because it’s that time of year; Helen of Troy

In the CD player…Rachel Barton Pine playing Beethoven’s violin concerto

Around the house…hanging some pictures pre-party; some dusting and vacuuming, also pre-party…narrowing down furniture selections for the living room and bedroom.

 One of my favorite things…“Sword and sandal” epics. Watched Ten Commandments earlier and am now on Ben-Hur

Plans for the rest of the week…Lay Dominicans class after work tomorrow; party on Saturday.