September 2012

What happened last month:


Photos: A Walk in the Gardens

I forgot to write about this last month, when I actually did it, but better late than never.

In August, I went to Dawes Arboretum, a nearby collection of plants, gardens, and other types of horticulture, to explore the grounds. Armed with my camera, I explored the All-Seasons Garden, a walled garden, and the Japanese Garden. I had first been to Dawes for the wedding of an old friend last September, but I’d never been to explore, and wanted to go back. This Saturday in August provided the perfect chance to do it.

Walled garden


The Japanese Garden


Entrance to the Japanese Garden


Ohio countryside

Expanding my culinary frontier

Over at my food blog, I talk about undertaking the #cookwithjulia project hosted by PBS, in honor of Julia Child’s 100th birthday tomorrow. Tonight’s entry in the contest: cucumbers baked in butter (if you REALLY want to up the fat ratio, add cream, as is suggested in one of the “finishing” entries in the book!). I cannot wait to taste this.

I’ve always loved to cook and have a fairly adventurous palate. Sadly, with transplant, there are things, like sushi, that I cannot eat. I am sad about that because I do love fish. But tonight I made bruschetta for the first time, and only my third Julia Child recipe ever. I am Master of My Kitchen. Or I will be, soon.

So to see these recipes, go here.

There is a lot of ADVENTURE this weekend! Saturday I’m volunteering at the local Health Fair to sign up organ donors; Saturday evening is the Global Gala of Ballet Stars! And then Sunday is our daylong retreat for my Lay Dominican chapter.

I know I’ve been a bit slow around here, but it’s summer, and that’s how it is. Coming up, though, are photos from my “Jane Austen hike” last Saturday. Jane, and Virginia Woolf, liked to take long walks to think about their stories and writing in general. I went to the local arboretum last Saturday, took pictures, jotted in my journal, and generally felt like a Very English Author. 🙂 So pictures to come.