Preaching the Kingdom

This is one of those mysteries that you can ponder for a long time and never quite finish pondering it. The “preaching of the kingdom” covers just about everything in the gospels: the Sermon on the Mount, the parables, the cures, the Loaves and Fishes, the Bread of Life discourse–all of Jesus’ preaching and activities. In that sense, it’s an easy mystery to pray, because you can pick your favorite image or story or event and meditate on that.

But I think it’s also fruitful to use this to ponder our own sense of mission. For nuns and sisters, it’s their prayer and their apostolate that is their preaching. For married women, it’s their married life, and growing in holiness with their husbands; for a mother, it’s taking care of her family, and raising her kids to know God and to be devout Catholics. For the single, it can be a little harder, but we are all called to holiness, to prayer, and to bringing that to the world.


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Death by pinpricks

It’s been one of those weeks where everything in general has been OK, but he little annoyances are KILLING me. So I’m writing about them to hopefully exorcise them. 

  1. Got Wendy’s through the drive-through today. Ordered 5 nuggets, a salad, and the berry tea. Get berry tea. Put in my car. Make a turn and realize, lid not on tea, now 1/2 the tea is decorating my shoes and my floor mat. Lovely. 
  2. At the Resort today, while going to an appt., a woman in the elevator did not know how to USE the elevator. And no, she was not from another country. She just didn’t know how to use it. 
  3. Adventures with liquids, part II: I put a bottle of water in my work bag, and it spilled all over the books, magazine, and notebook that I had in there. Grrr. 
  4. I have been lacking motivation to do ANYTHING all week, but finally got some workout in last night. I seriously have to either swim or hit the gym tomorrow morning. 
  5. My winter coat is shot, so I have to buy a new one, and I don’t really want to spend an entire month’s clothing budget on a coat. But I have to, so I’m gearing up. 

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–March 7, 2011

Outside my window…it is sunny and lovely! My Mac dashboard says 60 degrees today, and I will take it. Maybe I’ll even open the windows.

I am thinking…that it’s nice to have a doctor-mandated week off, but it’s sort of boring when you’re limited to what you can do.

I am thankful for…procedures that fix things. 🙂

From the kitchen…still have some of last night’s Chinese 5-spice Popcorn. And I still have some recipes from my Food Network stint. Lent starts this week, so that means thinking about fish recipes….yay! Fortunately I like fish. I think I’ll do one of Sandra Lee’s catfish recipes for Friday.

I am creating…I really want to get some writing done this week. I can write—it can be done sitting down!

I am reading…the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (on book 7), Moby-Dick (I’m on page 230). It takes more than two hundred pages for Moby-Dick to make an appearance in Moby-Dick. That being said, it has been eight years (precisely) since I read it the first time, and I am liking it a bit better this time. Maybe it’s one of those books you must read twice—the first time to get the sheer gist and enormity of it, the second time to actually see if you like it. Hmmmm.

I am hoping…for a productive Lent. I’ll write more at CPG about this (today, probably)

I am hearing….Nothing. 🙂 CI’s not in yet. 🙂

Around the House…trying to keep things semi-under control. My parents are really helping w/ the cleaning since I can’t do that yet, and even after this week I still have weight-bearing limits.

Some plans for the week…doctor’s appt. on W (dermatologist, yay); probably renewing my driver’s license; BalletMet opens Up Close, and the CSO is performing Verdi’s Requiem (which I did perform almost precisely ten years ago at Cap). I love Verdi’s Requiem and am massively looking forward to this performance.

Also—Ash Wednesday Mass.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–Feb. 21, 2011

(random prompts!)

Outside my window…it’s snowing. Sigh. It was raining for most of the day, and I was hoping it would stay that way. I don’t want more snow! I want spring!

I am thinking…I sort of wish we were doing the ablation this week, as scheduled, so I could cross it off my list. But now it’s not until May, because my heart rhythm is normal now (for the moment), so we have “more time.” It’s going to be at OSU, instead of NCH, because they do this sort of thing all the time w/ their heart transplants. There will be a few tests/procedures pre-ablation, but nothing major.

I am thankful for…a really good set of doctors. And higher PFTs! (Higher across the board today. “I rule!” )

From the kitchen…well since I’m going to be home this week, I’m now pondering cooking. I’m going to make Weight Watchers French Onion soup tomorrow, then PW meatballs, and probably some lemon pasta at some point this week to inspire spring. 🙂 (At least in my kitchen)

I am creating…I’ve resumed journal writing—I sort of skipped the whole month of January, which I don’t like to do.

I am reading…Over the weekend I read Unplanned; The Rule of St. Benedict, and I’m making my way through the Isabel Dalhousie series again (I just love, love these books). I also have the Sense and Sensibility comic book and A New Light on Tiffany about Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany girls (which was inspired by reading Clara and Mr. Tiffany—very, very good.)

I am hoping…for no more snow!

I am hearing…I’m watching Into Great Silence, and there’s not a lot of soundtrack. 🙂 Right now it’s sleds going down a hill. (If you haven’t watched this—great movie)

In the CD player…I’m going back and forth between Tangled and Dark Hope.

Around the house…if the heart behaves, cleaning. I’m hoping it will behave.

One of my favorite things…lunch with good friends; an Irish pub on a rainy day

For the rest of the week…hopefully 20s group at St. Pat’s on Thursday; choir on Wednesday. All of this is, of course, dependent on heart BEHAVING, because when it doesn’t, I just lay on my couch and watch movies.

To live the liturgy…confession yesterday; Mass, Magnificat, LOH as much as possible. Rosary. Preparing for Lent. (Which is SOON.)

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–Dec. 20, 2010

Outside my window…cloudy, snow on the ground. We’re supposed to get a snow storm/shower on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. Since this is the only two days of the year I like snow, I say—bring it!
I am thinking…it’s nice to have a night off, especially when doing 24 hour cardiology monitoring and you have a funny looking thing the size of a cellphone under your sweater. 🙂

I am thankful for…a behaving body (quick, knock wood…)

From the kitchen…basic. Pasta and prego. Tomorrow dinner with parents. Made Nigella’s chocolate chocolate cookies again, will have to post this recipe. A new chicken dish on tap for W, and fish from Barefoot Contessa’s Back to Basics on Thursday. THEN eating at the parents’ for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 🙂

I am wearing...jeans, a purple-pinkish cashmere turtleneck. (The better to conceal leads with…)

I am schedule for Christmas Week/Post Christmas Week.

I am reading… Come, Lord Jesus: Meditations on the Art of Waiting; The Last Time I Saw You; Cleopatra: A Life; Apollo’s Angels, and various cookbooks.

To live the liturgy…Gotta go to confession before Christmas! Saying the O Antiphons, the daily office, rosary,etc.

I am hoping…for a wonderful Christmas!

In the CD player…Charlotte Church’s Dream a Dream (Her Christmas album)

Around the house…vacuuming, dusting, etc., etc. The usual!

One of my favorite things…CHRISTMAS!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Tomorrow, last session of the year at work; W: rehearsal, off book Act III; Th: Run Act III; Friday: Christmas Eve! Presents, Mass, dinner. Saturday: CHRISTMAS! 🙂 🙂

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–October 18, 2010

Outside My Window

A sort of gray October day; the sun is trying to break through but not having too much luck.

  I am Wearing

My PJs—home with an irate stomach today.

 I am Reading

Just re-read A Perfect Day and finished Homer and Langley last night. It was better that I was expecting. Will probably work some more on The End and the Beginning today, as well as the Ignatius Mansfield Park.

I am Thinking

 That I’m glad my stomach is feeling better, but I really hate how touchy it is, in general. Stomach transplant? I’d be up for that…

I am Creating

Working on revising a short story  that I want to send P for Christmas.

On my iPod

The Miss Potter soundtrack, and new mixes. I love making my own playlists.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty

A busy week—but I’ve got a pretty good schedule down. (When my body is cooperating…)

To Live the Liturgy

Today: Feast of St. Luke. Shooting for Mass as often as possible. Rosary/office/Magnificat readings…and Advent is coming soon, so I better start making plans there!

I am Hoping and Praying

For all the Dominicans in their novitiate…there are so many of them, and I pray that they will be open to God’s will and His workings in their lives. Also for some friends of friends. 

Around the House

The usual…but probably not happening today: vacuuming, etc.

From the Kitchen

Chicken soup is heating on the stove, and I’m thinking some Barefoot Contessa/Pioneer Woman recipes this week. One thing I love about cold weather is I have more time and inclination to cook since it’s not so hot!

One of My Favorite Things

Birthdays—my sister turned 21 yesterday.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

W: Voice and choir—vocal double header

T: Ballet

Symphony this weekend.

Picture thoughts:

Mel opening her birthday gifts last night. This was from the parents—a purse from Fossil she really wanted but didn’t think she’d get. I’m so glad I caught her face here.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–October 11, 2010

The Day Off Edition!

Outside my window…It is mid-October, and it is in the 80s. Me no like. Fortunately it will return to Regularly Scheduled Weather Programming tomorrow…Fall here has been so pretty thus far, really gorgeous color.

I am thinking…That a phone call from your best friend is a great way to start the day/week!

I am thankful for…said best friend

From the kitchen…Barefoot Contessa’s brioche loaves are rising…going into the oven around 1.

I am wearing...yellow tank top, jeans.

I am creating... a LOT—bread, order in the apartment, music…

I am reading… The Hunger Games trilogy (again—I’m on Catching Fire), The End and the Beginning, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and probably starting Joanne Harris’ Coastliners today.

To live the liturgy…The Office; rosary; Mass as often as possible.

I am hoping…for a good short week.

In the CD player…L’Angelus “Sacred Hymns”

Around the house…vacuuming, dusting, etc., etc. It’s Monday. And running lots of loads of dishes in the dishwasher because making bread requires two beater attachments, the kitchenaid mixer, and lots of mixing bowls…

One of my favorite things…days off!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Getting my flu shot today (joy. Y’all better get yours! I mean it!). W: Choir and Voice; Th: Dance. Oh, and tonight Bible study class #2 at St. Pat’s. We’re doing 1 and 2 Corinthians with Fr. Blau. So I do have to answer the rest of the study questions today (probably while the bread is baking).