Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 51




Disney! Disney! Disney! Adventure starts tomorrow. I am so crazy excited. Of course that means packing….I have most of my clothes packed, but there are CDs to choose, books to decide on, the food bag to pack, and meds and toiletries and CI stuff….whew! Fortunately I’m a pretty frequent traveler so I’ve got most of this down.


We break the drive into two parts–here to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to the Yacht Club (reverse on the way back). Generally, I try not to blog a lot when I travel, although I might do some updates here and there. I prefer to save it for when I’m home, and then I can add pictures and other things.


The weather looks fairly decent for us. Rain in June in Orlando is pretty common, and we have our ponchos, but Tuesday, when I’m at the Magic Kingdom, is supposed to be partly cloudy and no rain. Thursday and Friday when we’re in EPCOT are supposed to be a little more wet, but we are prepared!  We’ve got the ponchos, I’ll put extra socks in my purse (wet socks are SO not awesome) and we’ll be ready.


Today is the last day of this Pulm Rehab “session.” I’ll get a two week break and then after my doctor appointment in June, we’re supposed to start session #2. I wonder if the idea is just to keep me in it forever? Not like I mind. I also have an ENT appointment the Friday after we get back, so I check in with him. I’m wondering if he’ll say I need prophylactic sinus surgery, because I sort of think I do. We’ll see!

I will miss my Music Man family since I’ll miss a few rehearsals while I’m at the House of Mouse. However, I have all the music memorized (well except for Trouble, that’s sort of weird) so I’ll be ready to rock and roll once I’m back. And I’m bringing the CD with me so I can even practice. Bwahahaha.


Yesterday I made my IKEA trip with my friend Mary. We had a total blast. We sang along to Frozen and other Disney songs, we ate meatballs, we played with French presses, and generally had a great time. I got a new duvet, duvet cover and pillow for my bed, and a laundry basket, while Mary got a lot of glassware (she and her family love to throw parties) and picture frames. All in all a very successful trip and we must go back soon!

We have decided this will be the Summer of Serious Fun. We are going to take this……seriously.


What are your good road trips songs? Hit me up with ideas so we can have the best road trip music EVUH!!! 🙂 🙂

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 53



Outside my window::

Sunny and 59 degrees! Kids are roller skating and playing catch. It’s delightful!


An asymmetrical skirt, red short-sleeved cashmere sweater, Lady Mary style red earrings.


The White Queen; Seven Secrets of Confession; Diary of St. Faustina. I finished Happy Are You Poor last night. There is definite food for thought there. We’ll see what I can actually incorporate.

In the CD player::

In honor of seeing the new North American tour this week–Phantom. 🙂 Original Broadway Cast.

Around the house::

It was so nice on Saturday that I actually cleaned my downstairs windows, inside and out. It was quite impressive. This week I’ll be cleaning out the pantry/fridge/freezer, and I’m on a continual “paring down the books” jaunt.


Parish mission starts tonight and runs through Thursday. I’m hoping to get there for a few nights. I need it this year!


I’m keeping a food journal, which has proved really beneficial to me thus far, and I’m doing some ballet beautiful and yoga this week. Rehab starts next week so I want to be sort of doing something right before we get there. 🙂

Plans for the week::

W: doctor appt.

Friday: Dinner and Phantom with my friend Mary!


I made a great chicken cacciatore last week–the best part was I made it before Mass, came home, heated it up for like five minutes in its pot, and it was ready to eat! It was pretty simple. I’ll have the recipe up in a bit.

Eating with the parents tonight, pasta or chicken tomorrow night. I’ve got a recipe for buttermilk chicken I want to try, and a colorful salad that goes with it. I think it’s actually called “rainbow salad.” How can that not be good?

Photo thought::

me and Tiffany at Schmidt's a German restaurant in Columbus, celebrating birthdays.

me and Tiffany at Schmidt’s a German restaurant in Columbus, celebrating birthdays.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 52

Outside my window:

Well, OK, it’s Panera’s window. 🙂 (I have the day off) Cloudy, white sky, snow. Snow. Snow mountains in parking lots. Going to get “wintry mix” this afternoon, whatever that means.


Jeans, a blue v-neck tee and a v-neck boyfriend cardigan, blue flats. (Yes. All Blue. All the Time.)


The Grace of Ars, I Always Loved You, Pickwick, City of God, Harry Potter #3

Around the house::

Changed the bathmats in the master bath today and need to change my sheets. I went to the dermatologist this morning and he took a biopsy from one hand, and burned off a thing on the other, so my hands are sort of odd, so maybe no sheet changing today. But sometime this week, for sure. Also the regular dusting, sweeping, etc. Also, I finished planning my CCD classes for the rest of the year. I am so excited. Go me!


Working on revising the manuscript of my 2012 NaNo novel so I can enter it in a Catholic writing contest.


Lent prep, starting with this.

And then, this.

My next CCD lesson, incidentally, is about Lent for the kiddos–we’re talking about the calendar, fasting, giving things up, all that jazz. As first graders, they don’t have to fast, but it’s a good thing to talk about, anyway.

Plans for the week::

Thank God it’s a short week. 🙂 Not much on the calendar, which is nice. A warm up is coming!! Rejoice! 🙂




Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 38



(OK, just so you know–there’s some grumpiness ahead. Sorry)

So this week I’ve sort of been in the dumps because, you know, it’s Valentine’s Day week and I’m single…sigh. I think it’s just the winter blahs. I hope it’s just the winter blahs. So tomorrow night I’ll have to ponder something awesome fun to do that involves chocolate, hopefully.


I got a new dresser this week. I’d had the first one for 20+ years, so never let it be said I don’t get my use out of furniture! This is a maple wood dresser/mini armoire combo. The dresser part has four drawers–two small, two long–and the “armoire” part is a bit taller and has a drawer and three shelves behind a door. I just adore it, and the new lamp that goes on the top because my house has no overhead lighting in the bedrooms. BOO! I need light! So I’m glad to have this new guy in my house and, ergo, a more organized room, because I have places for things, as opposed to having a dresser where drawers fall out, don’t open, etc.


I signed up to attend my diocese’s Catholic Women’s Conference this week. I’m really excited about it, because the schedule looks great, and I hope to meet some other great Columbus Diocesan Catholic Women! 🙂 I also get continuing education credits which help my CCD teaching credentials. So–yes! If you live in or around Columbus, you should come! I’d love to meet you!


I’m also going to a silent retreat the weekend before my birthday. I love and need silent retreats, so I’m glad to go to this one at our local retreat center. It is vital to my spiritual well-being! I hope it’s not really cold, though, because I love to walk the center’s grounds.


Can I share a bee in my bonnet?

(Of course I can. It’s my blog)

I have noticed a lot of Catholic schools don’t accept/ have support for handicapped–whether physically or mentally or with learning disabilities–students. My elementary school had only stairs. I remember students with broken legs being carried by their fathers to their classrooms, and classmates bringing their lunch tray to their room so they could eat. I know many schools around here pride themselves on their “advanced” curriculum, but they don’t work with students who may not be on that level (at least they didn’t when I was in school.)

Now, I see Wyoming Catholic College doesn’t accept students who are physically disabled–and thus, unable to perform the intense outdoor activities that they “require”. I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t been sued yet. So if a good, devout Catholic kid wants to go to WCC, but they have only one arm, or are blind or deaf, or have CF (like moi)–they can’t go. The school says it will not accept them. 

Last time I checked, rock climbing and white-water rafting have nothing to do with your academic and intellectual abilities.

I know there are other Catholic colleges in America, but there is a dearth of ones that are truly Catholic. So, in this limited category, we’re going to deny a place to Catholics who may be disabled?

Not cool, WCC. Not cool.


This weekend is a long weekend for me, praise Jesus. Saturday I’m planning on going to the Vigil Mass and then having dinner with my parents; Sunday I’m teaching my CCD class about the trinity, and I have a Mac Class with the Precious (and I’m hoping to get my iPad fixed), and dinner with my brother. Monday I have an appointment with my dermatologist to make sure we don’t have any weird pre-cancerous stuff happening (skin cancer is a big risk with a suppressed immune system+drugs that make your skin photosensitive (sensitive to sunlight). ) Even though I’m 1/2 Italian, I am vigilant about sunscreen! I’m also seeing my ENT today and hopefully we’ll get some sinus surgery on the schedule so they will behave.


And this: last minute addition. Legal assisted suicide for kids in Belgium is close to being law.

That is just….wow. I can’t even imagine. What sort of place is this? We don’t let 12 year olds decide whether to go to school for pete’s sake. Yet, Belgium’s going to allow them to decide if they want to die?

There is also no reason for it. We have drugs that can alleviate pain, completely. If you don’t want to be in pain, you won’t be. What sort of society are we creating when people are thrown away like trash, when we think it’s “progressive” to allow them to end their lives because they are suffering? Everyone suffers. Everyone will die, which , I realize, most people seem to forget.

No one gets out of here alive. Death can be painless. It can be excruciating. It can be ridiculously easy. But everyone is born, and everyone will die. Thinking that we can “control” life is the most ridiculous, inane statement ever.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 48

Outside my window

A glorious sunrise this morning, all sherbet pink and orange and purple and deep blue. One nice thing about the sun rising later–I’m awake to see it!


Grey pleated skirt, black flats, emerald green wrap top, and silver lotus flower earring. They were my Christmas gift to myself, those earrings, and I wear them almost every day.  (They’re the ones Natalie Portman is wearing in the photo below)

(and yes, I got them because I saw them in Black Swan. I am weird like that)


Over the weekend I had a stomach bug so I did a bit of reading: I finished Charles Dickens (he was not a nice man. I’m sorry. But he wasn’t. Or let me rephrase that: he was nice to everyone except his wife and most of his kids. He had a great heart for charity. Also, the author’s insertion of her opinion about the novels is sort of irritating.) and Renewed, and The Invention of Wings (which was good, but the narrator jumping back and forth was a bit choppy at times). This week, more City of God and I’m finally reading Michael Pollan’s Cooked. Reading the Dickens bio also made me want to read more of his early stuff, including Dombey and Little Curiosity Shop, so I might have to track those down.


ThisTalking about the first verse on Wednesday! Join us?


From the kitchen::

Tonight: Cacio e Pepi–pasta with cheese and pepper. Lots of pepper.

Tuesday: Lazy bolognese on penne (two pasta nights in a row? I try not to do that, but sometimes… 🙂 )

Wednesday: Salmon

Thursday: No idea. Need to find something.

Friday: Out

Saturday: Meatloaf, a  new recipe. I’m looking for my favorite one.

Made a lovely pork chop with mustard, onions and apples (and apple cider) last night, though. Very easy.

Around the house::

The usual Monday things–trash out, vacuuming, dusting, etc. According to Fly Lady we’re in the master bath and one extra room this week, so that’s my bathroom and the office/book room.

In the CD player::

A mix CD I made ages ago.

1000 gifts:: 

Up to No. 143. 🙂

This week::

ENT appointment at lunch time tomorrow. The sinuses need checked out, for sure.

Pure Barre tonight, W and Thursday–getting back in the class groove.

Teaching CCD as usual on Sunday.

Doctor update 11/4

OK, so in the “education and awareness” category, here’s how today’s doctor appointment went down:

  • blood draw via the port. It liked me, life is good. Numbers here look happy except for a few things we’ll talk about later.
  • chest X-ray (CXR): No problems here
  • PFTs: WE just did basic pulmonary function tests (PFTs). These are stable. I was hoping the overall capacity would go up, but when I talked to my doctor he said that that probably won’t happen because: 1) Lot of scar tissue in the chest cavity limits the ability of expansion; 2) my lungs were trimmed, so also, limits expansion possibilities (lungs are “trimmed” when they are a bit too big for your body. I actually grew about 2 inches post transplant, but at the time I was about 5’2″. So, small.) and 3) my numbers are above normal for adults. 🙂 So Unless I Become Michael Phelps (swimmers actually can increase their capacity, to over 100% sometimes), we’re limited on what we can do here. I actually didn’t know all this, so I felt good after this talk
  • I have to have a colonoscopy next year for a baseline. I really don’t mind this. I’ve had all the “prep” drugs, or anyway, drugs of that ilk, before, so I’m fine with that. And it’s fun drugs. We’ll have to work our port access for IV access because, you know, my veins are FUN, but we can do that later. CF folk have a higher risk of colon cancer, and transplant increases that again (cancer, in general, although lymphoma is the most common one).
  • I’m seeing my ENT in January, because the sinuses hate me. So we may need surgery on those next year, too. My ENT likes to do it every other year, so 2012, 2014….
  • My blood work was good, but my iron levels were lower than normal (I”m anemic, so they’re usually low). So we’re trying to raise that level a bit by eating more red meat, and other iron rich foods. Apparently clams and oysters are high in iron, as well as things like sesame-seed bagels. Who knew?
  • Also the dietician has given me full rein to indulge the CHEESE. Because my bone density is awesome, and we like that, so cheese please! And dairy! She likes the fat free milk I drink from a nearby farm in Athens.
  • ALSO: I got to drop a drug! Yes! One of my meds is being removed from my list. My doctor, Dr. H, gave me the option and I took it. So yay! It’s weird seeing my drug dosages slowly reduce.
  • Don’t have to go back until Feb. 3. Score!


Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 28

Thankful for::

(I’ve lost track of my numbers, so we proceed, sans numbers!)

  • the rain
  • new books
  • a great vacation with my dad
  • both my parents, who have birthdays this week–love you guys. 🙂
  • That my parents have been married for thirty four years.
  • a good ENT appointment
  • saintly intercession
  • swimming pools
  • hot dogs (really, I love them in the summer. They’re my go-to meal an awful lot)
  • Hot coffee on early rehearsal days


A blue green dress from Shabby Apple, from their Parisian collection. I do love this dress an awful lot–it’s got a sort of t-shirt material top but then a flouncy skirt. And black flats with it, and starfish earrings.

In the CD Player: :

Sarah McLachlan’s Illusions of Bliss


  • Strange Gods, by Elizabeth Scalia
  • The Bad Catholic’s Guide to the Catechism
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Doctors of the Church, Pope Benedict XVI
  • A School of Prayer, Pope Benedict XVI

From the kitchen::

Rehearsal really messes with my cooking. Like I said above, hot dogs are a lovely go-to meal. I also did a great summer pasta dish with bowtie pasta, cream, lemons, and cherry tomatoes on Sunday, which was totally delightful. Tonight and tomorrow I have rehearsal, and Thursday I’m having dinner with my parents. But I’m pondering some salmon over the weekend, and lots of salads.


About a lot, actually. I was never one of those people who prayed for “everyday” things,  like, “Lord, please let me find a good prom dress!” But this past week, I sure have been–for costume pieces, for virtues, for all sorts of everyday things. They’re being answered. I’m really happy about that. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to be praying for dresses to magically appear. But yeah, those everyday things–I’m seeing the value in asking for intercession about them now. Also, my drive to rehearsal is about 30 minutes, so that means I get in one full set of rosary mysteries during the drive. Prayer time, baby! 🙂

Praying for my friends who are trying to sell their houses; for other people’s special intentions; and for my own. Also: Went to confession on Saturday. (Fist pump.)

Web wanderings::

Plans for the week::

Today: Blocking “Master of the House”

Wednesday: Chorus music rehearsal Act II, so I don’t have to be there until 8:00 pm. Time to make a real dinner! Score! Dad’s birthday.

Thursday: lunch w/ dad, dinner w/parents

Friday: Nothing. Yet.

Saturday: Rehearsal @10:30, then cast dinner/karaoke outing! Mom’s birthday. Mass.

Sunday: Rehearsal from 2:00-3:30. (I think) Then parental combined birthday celebrations.