Daybook: The Ice Storm Cometh Edition (Jan. 31, 2011)

Outside my window…it’s gray with a bit of snow on the ground. Ice, snow, and, apparently, the end of Civilization as We Know It are expected tonight through tomorrow….

I am wearing: A teal blue cowl-neck sweater dress from Kohl’s; socks (I had black boots on earlier)

I am reading: Wench, Mary Poppins, Incendiary, The Hidden Face, The Return of the Native (yes, it’s a lot. Dipping into these at random) Oh, and The Poisonwood Bible. Big fan of that one.

I am thinking…that I really don’t want to commute in ice.

I am listening to...The Original London Cast Recording of Mary Poppins. (The show is coming this spring so I have to learn the music!)

I am grateful for…my wonderful friends. I got a letter from H today, and all of my friends came to Earnest on Saturday night, bearing the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever had! (Pic later)

I am creating…I have the itch to write. But no good ideas are presenting themselves.

To Live the Liturgy…Feast of St. John Bosco today (patron saint of boys), Candlemas (the official official end of the Christmas season).

I am hoping and praying…for a non-scary weather week, and more good Earnest performances!

Around the house…got to take the trash out before the storm.

From the kitchen…I’m doing Weight Watchers now (I’m in Week 2) as a result of a lot of prodding from the last hospital visit. So tonight’s dinner is citrus-orange chicken from my Betty Crocker Quick and Easy cookbook that I got when I was in college. It’s great for WW because it has all the nutritional info at the bottom so you can just enter it in to the points plus calculator on the website. Also planning on making egg salad (for sandwiches).

One of my favorite things…new music.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Earnest Th-Sat.; BalletMet’s Cinderella on Sunday, before THE SUPER BOWL that night, featuring My Steelers! 🙂 🙂

Thank you!

So, we are more than halfway through the Earnest run (Sob!)

That means it’s time for…Emily’s Fan Club listing:

A star means they have been to all my shows! (J&H, Parade, Oliver! and Earnest) They are super-fans. 🙂

  • Mom *
  • Dad *
  • Bryan *
  • Melanie *
  • Sarah N.
  • Tiffany *
  • Bill
  • Branden *
  • Gary *
  • Sean *
  • Amanda
  • Rita * (who even came TWICE!) and her daughter Hannah.

And other theater friends who came out to show love: 🙂

  • Dave (who was the lead in J&H, and Sikes in Oliver!)
  • Dani (who was in Parade with me)
  • Drew (also in Parade)

You want to be on the list? If you live in Columbus, come to the show! It’s a lot of fun!

Seven Quick Takes Friday–Vol. III

  1. So….y’all are probably wondering where I went. I went to the Resort, for five days of in-house hospital fun! It started on Friday at midnight, right after the second Earnest show…I went to go to sleep and then, bam, realized that my heart was going a bit too fast. Checked it with the pulse ox and…it was 180. Oh. joy.
  2. So that meant calling dad and going to the ER, because you don’t really have an option when your heart rate is 180. Fortunately the roads were clear (not like now, ahem, ODOT) so we got to the ER shortly after midnight, to find it very crowded. But a 180 HR will get you seen, post-haste. 
  3. So yes, there we were, in one of the big ER rooms, with a ton of people. The port, of course, didn’t like the first needle so we had to get some hemonc nurses down to get the port to behave. Once we did, meds were given, blood was drawn, and I was nauseous by this point, so we had dilaudid and phenergan on board…and soon I was dead to the world.
  4. So I missed the trip to the CTICU, where apparently they were going to do cardioversion again, but then I vomited, and that re-set my heart. Who knew? So dad and I stayed in the CTICU for a few hours, then I got moved down to C5 (regular transplant/heart center floor), where I stayed until I was discharged.
  5. I’m now on a heart med to keep my heart nice and normal, instead of randomly flipping out. But since I was there, anyway, Dr. K wanted PFTs on Monday. And they were still down.
  6. So that lead to a lovely bronch, with anesthesiologists, because with the heart issues we didn’t really want any new issues. So that meant bronch in an OR, as opposed to the bronch suite. So on Tuesday morning I went down to the surgical floor (three floors down from C5), and we did the bronch thing in an OR, which was sort of fun, just for variety’s sake.
  7. While Dr. K saw a lot of mucus, the cultures aren’t growing anything (and aren’t, currently, showing any signs of rejection), so we’re gonna chalk it up to the cold I had. And I’m going to do some pulmonary rehab again, and I need to lose some weight, because everyone is telling me that now, so I guess it’s time to Get Serious…

So that was my week—condensed into seven quick takes! 🙂

For more (hopefully less exciting) quick takes, you can go see Jen. 🙂


Earnest opens tomorrow!

We have a five week run (through Feb. 12)—Th, Fri. and Sat. , at 8:00, at the Columbus Civic Theater on Indianola! Go to to buy tickets and get directions!

It is a fabulous show with a fabulous cast. Do yourself a favor—come get warm in our theater and have a great time while supporting local theater!

Fifteen chances to see what has been called the best comedy since Shakespeare!


You’ll notice a few changes ‘round here…

First, snow! Yes, it’s winter, and I like snow on my blog. Not on the ground. But here’s OK.

I’m home with the bug that everyone has—the one where you can’t talk (although I’m almost over that part, merci a Dieu)—but, for being immuno-compromised, making it to January before getting a cold is sort of a record, so go me. ‘Course it has to happen the week before Earnest opens (get your tickets here!), but as long as I’m over it quickly, I can handle it.

So, snow on the blog. Also—on the sidebar I’ve included some category links: theater, recipes, photos, blogs I like, movies—that will take you to posts on said subjects. There might be more categories later. Not sure.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–Dec. 20, 2010

Outside my window…cloudy, snow on the ground. We’re supposed to get a snow storm/shower on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. Since this is the only two days of the year I like snow, I say—bring it!
I am thinking…it’s nice to have a night off, especially when doing 24 hour cardiology monitoring and you have a funny looking thing the size of a cellphone under your sweater. 🙂

I am thankful for…a behaving body (quick, knock wood…)

From the kitchen…basic. Pasta and prego. Tomorrow dinner with parents. Made Nigella’s chocolate chocolate cookies again, will have to post this recipe. A new chicken dish on tap for W, and fish from Barefoot Contessa’s Back to Basics on Thursday. THEN eating at the parents’ for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 🙂

I am wearing...jeans, a purple-pinkish cashmere turtleneck. (The better to conceal leads with…)

I am schedule for Christmas Week/Post Christmas Week.

I am reading… Come, Lord Jesus: Meditations on the Art of Waiting; The Last Time I Saw You; Cleopatra: A Life; Apollo’s Angels, and various cookbooks.

To live the liturgy…Gotta go to confession before Christmas! Saying the O Antiphons, the daily office, rosary,etc.

I am hoping…for a wonderful Christmas!

In the CD player…Charlotte Church’s Dream a Dream (Her Christmas album)

Around the house…vacuuming, dusting, etc., etc. The usual!

One of my favorite things…CHRISTMAS!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Tomorrow, last session of the year at work; W: rehearsal, off book Act III; Th: Run Act III; Friday: Christmas Eve! Presents, Mass, dinner. Saturday: CHRISTMAS! 🙂 🙂

Reverb 10 Day 15: 5 minutes

Author: Patti Digh
Creative is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative

Prompt: 5 minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

  • Meeting my bestest friend
  • Trip to Duck
  • Oliver!
  • Earnest auditions.casting
  • Tiff’s wedding
  • The Lost Colony
  • 5 year anniversary party
  • Tim and Lisa’s wedding
  • Baby Felicity!
  • First holy week/Easter at St. Pat’s
  • Summit visit
  • April retreat
  • Capa movie series
  • Walks in Schiller Park
  • The pool in Duck
  • Duck’s Cottage!
  • Dinner at the Blue Point
  • Rehearsal dinner at the Worthington Inn with my best friends
  • Being received into the Lay Dominicans
  • Lunch at Mimi’s Cafe
  • My godson turned 13 (sob!)
  • My wonderful classmates in the Lay Dominican novitiate
  • Learning the breviary
  • Learning chant!
  • My first MLS game (Crew vs LA Galaxy)

Seven Quick Takes Friday–Vol. II

(Vol. II of the Widget 2.0 Era…)

I. I’ve been participating in Reverb10, and you should, too! It’s not too late! (I don’t think) I don’t use all the prompts (some don’t apply), but I do use most of them. It’s a lot of fun and definitely creative!

II. In case you missed it—here’s a movie round-up post for ya (avec art!).

III. This weekend I get to see my bestest friend! This makes me very, very happy. It’s been awhile!

IV. Earnest update: Read-through last Saturday, went really well. First rehearsal for me was on Monday night, when we blocked the first half of Act II. It’s a bit tricky to block since the stage is still set with the current play’s set, so I imagine this will get easier once we have our set in place. I am 95% memorized. Wooo! The cast is great, we’re having a lot of fun. This should be a fantastic show!

On Sunday we have photo call and blocking Act III.

V. ON a less exciting note—Cleveland Clinic on Monday. Bleeecchhhh. Hopefully the snowpocalypse won’t happen and we (my parents and I) can get home in one piece. I’d rather visit the fifth circle of Hell than go to Cleveland….but oh well!

VI. Students are rioting in England because they have to pay for their college tuition. Um, what? When does the culture of entitlement STOP? Let’s get real, people! No, you cannot suck off the public teat your entire life!

VII. Books: This Is Where I Leave You. So. Funny. MUST READ!

For more Quick Takes, visit Jen!