Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 56


Outside my window::

A lovely, deep blue sky morning. I slept with the bedroom window open last night. Do I need to tell you how great that was, after the winter that we had?

I feel like it’s that line from the Song of Solomon:

For see, the winter is past! The rains are over and gone. 


my pjs–a red tank top and Boden PJ pants.


City of God (forever and ever, I swear); Orphan Train (I’m late to this party, I know); Pickwick. Really need to speed this one up. Also re-reading the Michael Vey series and still deep in St. Faustina’s Diary.

In the CD player::

L’Angelus, Sacred Hymns

Around the house:

Today: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen floor, dusting, taking out the trash. That sort of stuff.

In the kitchen::

I met with the transplant nutritionist last Friday, and she is actually going to send me recipes/meal plan ideas today or tomorrow. So yay! She asked me what I liked to eat, and I said basically everything, except eggplant and big squash, because I can’t cut them up in my kitchen. 🙂 So I’m excited to see what she gives me.


Rehab work MWF, per usual. 🙂 Going to get to yoga class this week, probably tomorrow night.


So I filled out all my power sheets (, if you want them!) so I am ready. I have my five goals for the next six months plotted out:

  • Send the book proposal out
  • Organize my finances
  • Create a calm, clean, welcoming home with only the things I love and use
  • Create a healthier, stronger body by eating better and exercising consistently.
  • Creating a deep, focused prayer life.

I am so ready. As Anna says, “I was born ready!”

Plans for the week::

MWF: Rehab at 3:00.

Friday-Sunday: Silent retreat! Yay silent retreat! This starts Friday evening and goes until Sunday lunchtime. Yay!!!!


Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 26

Outside my window::

Kinda gray. It rained all day yesterday and sort of on and off today, but tomorrow should be beautiful!

I am wearing::

A blue cashmere J. Crew sweater and a layered gray skirt, and black flats. It was really HUMID today though so I was regretting the sweater pretty quickly.

In the CD player:

Les Miz complete recording, alternating with Josh Groban’s new album


Finished The Bride of Lammermoor last night, and I have to say I was really disappointed. There was all this build up and then bang five pages of resolution. Not cool. And a lot more “telling” than “showing.” Next up is Return of the Native. Also re-reading In This House of Brede, because I can’t go too long without reading that.

Around the house::

I dusted and polished all the downstairs furniture over the weekend. Now it’s the upstairs. Also vacuuming and mopping, the usual stuff, and cleaning up the front of my kitchen cabinets because they get sort of messy if neglected.


Working on my music, always, especially with the show upon us!


Where did April GO?! I can’t believe it’s May now.

This week::

My sister graduates from college. Sob. Friday night is her pinning ceremony for the School of Nursing, and then Saturday is the big day!

Working out::

I joined the “walking challenge” at work, and am back to regular interval/circuit training. Can’t wait until the pools open.


What’s a duke? (AKA, how the Peerage system in Britain works)

And a new CD from wonderful Benedictines!


Physical prowress

OK, yes, that title is a joke. I have a sister who played college tennis, and brother who’s run the NYC, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Boston marathons (and who runs 10 miltes a day for FUN).

I’ve always been the non-athletic one. I played little league, and I was on my school’s softball team in fifth grade (and we went undefeated that year, by the way!), and I’d rather do “girl” sports, like ballet, yoga, pilates, or horseback riding.

But, as we know, exercise has become something I have to do. That doesn’t mean I really like doing it. And to behonest my efforts were sort of half-assed. “Oh, I’m tired, only 15 minutes.” “Oh, that walk at the mall counted!”

Today, though, I am proud, because I pushed myself and now I’m happy. 🙂 Today’s workout: 2.12 miles on the treadmill (with incline, folks, thank you!). It was my longest session (time and distance) ever, and my fastest 1 mile and 1K ever.

I am happy. And motivated. I’m glad that I could put my body through that and feel awesome after.

No, I won’t be joining my brother in Boston at any point. But it’s nice to know my body can do these things.

Balance: An update

Since I wrote the first balance post, I’ve made some progress in the area of exercise, which I thought I’d share.

My objective, in creating an exercise program and getting more physically active, isn’t designed to impress people (other than my doctors!). It’s designed to be fun and work with what my body gives me, increasing the speed/strenuousness as the body allows.

The treadmill is something I’ve always liked. I don’t get “bored” with it, any more than I would with any other activity (that’s not reading, or music, or movies). I like the tangible sense of data and progress it gives me. Fitness is one area where I like numbers very much. On a treadmill I can control speed and incline, and it’s easy to do intervals, which I like to do (because it helps rack up mileage. See how that works?). Now that the show is in its final weekend, I can start heading back to my apartment complex’s fitness room with more regularity. Also, yoga and ballet will be on the schedule–yoga more so for the time being, because where I take ballet goes to “open” classes in July/August, with no classes for adults in June. I do however use ballet beautiful, and really like it. And, with the advent of summer, swimming!

All of these things are fun (to me), make me sweat, and raise my heart rate. These are good things.

Also in summer, there’s a lot of fun outdoor activities–fairs, festivals, amusement parks.

So my summer fitness schedule looks like this:

Sunday: treadmill/swimming/walk in a park/ballet beautiful

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: yoga class

Wednesday: yoga class and ballet beautiful (one session)

Thursday: Treadmill/swimming

Friday: Something outdoorsy/or indoor (treadmill/ballet beautiful) depending on weather

Saturday: AM treadmill, with other activities optional

The only things that are definites are yoga on Tuesday and Wednesday. Everything else has different options, depending on the day. I imagine I”ll do a lot more swimming than treadmill, but it really doesn’t matter.

Just keep swimming…

As part of the “get my life back on track” program, I’ve been doing a lot of working out. Well, OK, a lot for me. As in, three times a week, at least.

That’s good, for me!

And a lot of the time, it’s swimming.

I loved swimming at the beach and in the complex pool. It was a great workout (toned arms! Smaller stomach! Toned shoulders!), and I decided that, when I got back home, there really wasn’t any reason not to be working out. Or, at least, swimming.

So I’ve been doing a lot of it. Laps, pull ups on the side of the pool, and you can do some awesome stretches in water—yoga poses there is no way I could accomplish on land are really easy in water. It feels great.

I’ve also been to the gym and done some hills program work on the treadmill, when I can’t get to the pool. But right now, for as long as my apartment complex pool is open, the pool is where it’s at.

Except for today. Today I’m thinking pilates video to shake things up. We’ll see!