Seven Quick Takes Friday–Vol. XI

I. Well this has been sort of an up-and-down week. Monday was my annual testing day, which lead to some angst. Some of this is being resolved—we’re playing with different meds, to see if that helps with the fatigue aspect of things. I’m hoping it does, although I think I’ve come tot he conclusion that all statins have fairly awful side effects. I’m hoping the new one won’t make me so tired. We’ll see!ย 

II. Even though I love parts of summer, fall is really what I’m looking forward to now. I love football, I love the crisp days, I love the foods, like cider and stews, that I can cook again. And this summer has been very hot.

III. This weekend I am going to Cincinnati for my best friend’s profession of simple vows in the Dominican Order. It’s on Monday morning, so I am going to head down early and stay in a hotel. I am sort of ridiculously excited about this, because I’ve always wanted to do what Laura Brown does in The Hours and just rent a hotel room and hang out. I love the idea of getting away from your “real” life and being and doing other things.

IV. Reading: I’m re-reading the Outlander series. Sometimes a girl justย  needs some gripping historic romance.

V. Music: still working on learning The Woman In White, but I think I have about 60% of it. Drive time this weekend will be helpful there. ๐Ÿ™‚

VI. Packing for the move continues. My apartment here doesn’t have much free space, so I pack some boxes, and then have to wait for them to be moved out, so I can pack more boxes. It’s a sort of organic process. I’m going through my DVDs and Cookbooks now to weed out what I don’t want to move with me.

VII. Football pre-season has started. ๐Ÿ™‚ That is all.

Daybook: The Ice Storm Cometh Edition (Jan. 31, 2011)

Outside my window…it’s gray with a bit of snow on the ground. Ice, snow, and, apparently, the end of Civilization as We Know It are expected tonight through tomorrow….

I am wearing: A teal blue cowl-neck sweater dress from Kohl’s; socks (I had black boots on earlier)

I am reading: Wench, Mary Poppins, Incendiary, The Hidden Face, The Return of the Native (yes, it’s a lot. Dipping into these at random) Oh, and The Poisonwood Bible. Big fan of that one.

I am thinking…that I really don’t want to commute in ice.

I am listening to...The Original London Cast Recording of Mary Poppins. (The show is coming this spring so I have to learn the music!)

I am grateful for…my wonderful friends. I got a letter from H today, and all of my friends came to Earnest on Saturday night, bearing the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever had! (Pic later)

I am creating…I have the itch to write. But no good ideas are presenting themselves.

To Live the Liturgy…Feast of St. John Bosco today (patron saint of boys), Candlemas (the official official end of the Christmas season).

I am hoping and praying…for a non-scary weather week, and more good Earnest performances!

Around the house…got to take the trash out before the storm.

From the kitchen…I’m doing Weight Watchers now (I’m in Week 2) as a result of a lot of prodding from the last hospital visit. So tonight’s dinner is citrus-orange chicken from my Betty Crocker Quick and Easy cookbook that I got when I was in college. It’s great for WW because it has all the nutritional info at the bottom so you can just enter it in to the points plus calculator on the website. Also planning on making egg salad (for sandwiches).

One of my favorite things…new music.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Earnest Th-Sat.; BalletMet’s Cinderella on Sunday, before THE SUPER BOWL that night, featuring My Steelers! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Late week-Weekend menu

Th: Pizza Casseole (from The Amish Cook At Home)

Friday: Shrimp for a small kitchen (from In the Kitchen with A Good Appetite)

Saturday: Lunch: Chicken salad veronique (from The Barefoot Contessa at Home); Dinner: Lemon fusili (same)

Sunday: Lunch: The Pioneer Woman’s Simple, Perfect Chili (from her cookbook); Dinner: Curry Chicken Pasta Salad (from PW’s website). (I’m singing 10:30 Mass—hence the lunch and dinner that both require cooking. If I sing noon Mass, lunch is usually basic pasta or a sandwich or whatever I can scrounge up while catching up on football.)

Yes, yes my friends: That is a lot of food.

For snacking: Barefoot Contessa’s green herb dip and veggies.

Seven Quick Takes Friday XXVIII

The Friday Lunch Hour edition.

  1. LONG WEEKEND! That means bread baking! I love to make Barefoot Contessa’s brioche, but I usually only make it on long weekend due to the rising and baking and all that. So this weekend, I will have bread. And it will be delicious. I also have to make something for my Lay Dominican meeting on Sunday. It’s a potluck, and now that I’m a novice (yay), I have to do things like pay dues and bring food for us to eat. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure wht sort of cake yet—I’m going back and forth between the Mississippi Mud Cake, or a Coca Cola Cake, or a Chocolate Cherry Cake. The Coca Cola cake might win though, because it’s a lot of fun.
  2. I’m on my lunch hour, waiting for my dad at the Cairbou Coffee across the street from my office. It’s a beautiful fall day here, temps in the upper 70s. Perfect.
  3. What else am I doing this weekend? Going to the Symphony, where the new maestro will make his first appearance as the new maestro, and not as guest conductor (which was what he was originally scheduled to be doing). Can’t wait to see him conduct the CSO. You can still get tickets!
  4. One of the pillars of the Lay Domincans, and Dominicans in general, is study. St. Dominic spoke of being ‘chained to the desk.’ I’m going to be doing a lot of that tonight and tomorrow. I have to finish typing up Papal quotes on Mary for our chapter study program, and read over the first novitiate lesson on the life and charism of St. Dominic, and take notes, if applicable. So that’s tonight. Our novitiate class is on Sunday at noon, and our meeting is directly after. So Sunday—> busy (good thing Steelers have a bye.)
  5. (These are really long!) Speaking of sports, Pens opened the new arena last night. They didn’t win, alas—3-2 loss to the hated Flyers. But it’s only the first game, and they lost their first game at the ol’ Igloo, too.
  6. I wrote about this on my facebook page, but I think it bears repeating. The other day I saw a man standing outside, smoking. And he was wearing a LIVESTRONG bracelet. Um, what?ย 
  7. We’ll finish today’s Quick Takes with a book recommendation: Clinton Kelly’s No, She Didn’t! This is laugh-out-loud, snort soda through your nose funny. I mean, really, we should all know these things. But oh….we do not.

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