Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 56


Outside my window::

A lovely, deep blue sky morning. I slept with the bedroom window open last night. Do I need to tell you how great that was, after the winter that we had?

I feel like it’s that line from the Song of Solomon:

For see, the winter is past! The rains are over and gone. 


my pjs–a red tank top and Boden PJ pants.


City of God (forever and ever, I swear); Orphan Train (I’m late to this party, I know); Pickwick. Really need to speed this one up. Also re-reading the Michael Vey series and still deep in St. Faustina’s Diary.

In the CD player::

L’Angelus, Sacred Hymns

Around the house:

Today: sweeping, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen floor, dusting, taking out the trash. That sort of stuff.

In the kitchen::

I met with the transplant nutritionist last Friday, and she is actually going to send me recipes/meal plan ideas today or tomorrow. So yay! She asked me what I liked to eat, and I said basically everything, except eggplant and big squash, because I can’t cut them up in my kitchen. 🙂 So I’m excited to see what she gives me.


Rehab work MWF, per usual. 🙂 Going to get to yoga class this week, probably tomorrow night.


So I filled out all my power sheets (, if you want them!) so I am ready. I have my five goals for the next six months plotted out:

  • Send the book proposal out
  • Organize my finances
  • Create a calm, clean, welcoming home with only the things I love and use
  • Create a healthier, stronger body by eating better and exercising consistently.
  • Creating a deep, focused prayer life.

I am so ready. As Anna says, “I was born ready!”

Plans for the week::

MWF: Rehab at 3:00.

Friday-Sunday: Silent retreat! Yay silent retreat! This starts Friday evening and goes until Sunday lunchtime. Yay!!!!


A New Year

New Year’s doesn’t mean a whole lot to me; my more important yearly markers are my birthday and my transplant anniversary. I’ve never been one of those people who goes to parties on New Year’s Eve. I prefer to celebrate quietly. (I do have several friends who have New Year’s Day birthdays, however!)

My parish will hold a vigil Mass starting with holy hour at 11. I went to that last year, and I’ll probably go again this year. In the United States, January 1 is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics, because it’s the the feast day of our country’s patronal saint (the Virgin Mary). So we have to go to church either tonight or tomorrow.

I did a lot in 2012: wrote my novel, got interviewed for a national magazine, and did some excellent theater. I hope to do even more great theater this year, and to get my book proposal out into the world. But generally my goals are to be alive, enjoy my life, and read as many books as possible. 🙂

I also usually don’t make resolutions. As a kid the resolution was to stop biting my nails, which always failed miserably. And the other “resolutions” I have are the same as the rest of the world: eat better and exercise more. I actually started exercising more back in December, so that resolution started early. Instead of eating “better”, mine is to cook more, which generally leads to eating better (when you can control your ingredients and how you prepare food, it works out better. Also helps with vegetable consumption!).

Some things I’m looking forward to: Doing Les Miserables this summer; seeing Rite of Spring in March; going to see Maria Stuarda at the  Live in HD performance next month; my sister graduates from college, and Disney World! (Hopefully. If dad’s proposal gets accepted) So there are lots of good things coming up, as well as turning 31, and my 8 year transplant anniversary.

I am, in general, an optimist. I know the world has problems. But I also think it’s better to try to fix them, instead of preaching gloom and doom, and fight the good fight. There are a lot of negative nelly bloggers out there who think they’re preaching “truth” and we all are being ostriches. The world is ending!

No it’s not. It’s changing–it always is–but I’ll take optimism, thank you.

Here’s to 2013.

April 2012


  • The show opened!
  • I bought my first ever ticket to Picnic With the Pops (new thing I’ve always wanted to do but never done: check!)
  • I decided to write a book proposal and get serious about this book thing
  • I talked about balance and goals, and getting wrinkled up. 
  • Oh, and I ate in a trolley car:

Lunch in the trolley w/ my dad

Lunch in the trolley