Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 51




Disney! Disney! Disney! Adventure starts tomorrow. I am so crazy excited. Of course that means packing….I have most of my clothes packed, but there are CDs to choose, books to decide on, the food bag to pack, and meds and toiletries and CI stuff….whew! Fortunately I’m a pretty frequent traveler so I’ve got most of this down.


We break the drive into two parts–here to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to the Yacht Club (reverse on the way back). Generally, I try not to blog a lot when I travel, although I might do some updates here and there. I prefer to save it for when I’m home, and then I can add pictures and other things.


The weather looks fairly decent for us. Rain in June in Orlando is pretty common, and we have our ponchos, but Tuesday, when I’m at the Magic Kingdom, is supposed to be partly cloudy and no rain. Thursday and Friday when we’re in EPCOT are supposed to be a little more wet, but we are prepared!  We’ve got the ponchos, I’ll put extra socks in my purse (wet socks are SO not awesome) and we’ll be ready.


Today is the last day of this Pulm Rehab “session.” I’ll get a two week break and then after my doctor appointment in June, we’re supposed to start session #2. I wonder if the idea is just to keep me in it forever? Not like I mind. I also have an ENT appointment the Friday after we get back, so I check in with him. I’m wondering if he’ll say I need prophylactic sinus surgery, because I sort of think I do. We’ll see!

I will miss my Music Man family since I’ll miss a few rehearsals while I’m at the House of Mouse. However, I have all the music memorized (well except for Trouble, that’s sort of weird) so I’ll be ready to rock and roll once I’m back. And I’m bringing the CD with me so I can even practice. Bwahahaha.


Yesterday I made my IKEA trip with my friend Mary. We had a total blast. We sang along to Frozen and other Disney songs, we ate meatballs, we played with French presses, and generally had a great time. I got a new duvet, duvet cover and pillow for my bed, and a laundry basket, while Mary got a lot of glassware (she and her family love to throw parties) and picture frames. All in all a very successful trip and we must go back soon!

We have decided this will be the Summer of Serious Fun. We are going to take this……seriously.


What are your good road trips songs? Hit me up with ideas so we can have the best road trip music EVUH!!! 🙂 🙂