Yarn Along No. 27

This is going to be a quick installment. ūüôā



Wednesday #YarnAlong! @emily_m_deardo

So I’m still working the same two projects, the scarf and the washcloth/dishcloth/dust rag (whatever you want to call it!). I’ve been knitting while I watch¬†Outlander¬†or¬†Breaking Bad, and I can knit for about a half hour at a time during those. I did find another skein of yarn, called Chipmunk, that I think will be great for the next VA scarf project. It’s the same type of yarn as the one I’m currently working with, which you can read about here.

Wednesday #YarnAlong time! @emily_m_deardo

Isn’t that a cute name for this color? And it looks Chipmunk-ish.

As for reading: I’m saving¬†The Girl on the Train¬†and¬†A God In Ruins for the Charleston trip, which is fast approaching. I want to have new books to read in the car. ūüôā I just finished¬†The Astronaut Wives Club, which was pretty good. There were a lot of wives to keep straight, eventually, but I think the writer did a good job giving us insight into their lives. The book I’m¬†currently¬†reading is¬†Pride and Prejudice, for the Great Jane Re-Read.¬†

Yarn Along No. 26

Let’s talk yarn and book, shall we?

In the last Yarn Along, I was working on a lot: the scarf for the VA, and the last of the housekeeping gift of washcloths. I’m still working on both projects.

Scarf and dishcloth projects on the needles @Emily_M_Deardo

So the scarf is on the left and the newly started final washcloth is on the right. This yarn was sort of a bear to knit for the first few rows, and I don’t know why this yarn (Comfy worsted from Knit Picks) can be so back and forth when it comes to starting projects. ¬†It gets easier as I progress, but sometimes it’s really smooth right off the bat, and sometimes it’s not. This color is called blackberry, and it’s on the harmony rainbow needles.


It's Wednesday! Join me for Yarn Along, where we talk about knitting and reading. @emily_m_deardo

For my reading, I’m working on Fr. Michael Gaitley’s¬†The One Thing is Three, which is about the trinity and a lot of other theological things, namely the¬†Summa Theologica¬†(which I’m studying in a group at church right now, so yay!). I’ve previously read his¬†Consoling the Heart of Jesus and I’m going to be reading his¬†33 Days to Morning Glory later this month.

Yarn Along No. 25

What a weekend! I spent a lot of time with my needles and yarn!

Let me take you through it!

Pretty finished scarf! @emily_m_deardo First, remember this guy? Yes. I have finished the long scarf/cowl thing, and as I was knitting it, I thought it would make a great birthday present for one of my always-cold friends. Her birthday is in September, and these are her favorite colors, so big win there! I love how it turned out.

washcloth project colors @emily_m_deardo

Second–at the top you can see the finished “lilac” washcloth. On the right is the last skein of yarn for the Washcloth Housewarming Gift Project. This one is called blackberry.

Current Yarn Along project  @emily_m_deardo

The book part: I’m reading Barbara Kingsolver’s¬†Prodigal Summer, which I’ve been wanting to read for awhile, but once Modern Mrs. Darcy suggested it, I was glad to find it for $4 at Half Price Books. ūüôā So that’s what I’m currently reading.

So I have to cast on the last washcloth. But I did start one new project:

a scarf for the VA hospital in the most delicious color! @emily_m_deardo

People,¬†this yarn. It’s called morning glory, and it has the slightest red tint to it. I love it. This is a scarf for a charity project. My Lay Dominican chapter collects hats and scarves to give to the patients at the local VA hospital, and this is my contribution. I’m knitting this up on 10 gauge Harmony Rainbow needles and it’s fantastic.

So, whew! That’s a lot for one yarn along! I’m loving knitting this scarf, and I’m so glad I have another skein of this color in the stash for another project. Possibly one for me. ūüėČ

Yarn Along No. 24

So we’re back!

Yarn Along 24--what I'm reading and knitting @emily_m_deardo

So this is dishcloth number 3, and I’m in love with this color. It’s called “lilac”, but it seems much deeper than regular lilacs, right? Anyway, it’s gorgeous and it’s so easy to work with.

I’ve been wanting to read¬†Trilby¬†for awhile but I never found a copy–thankfully Half Price Books provided! So I’m hoping it’s as good as I want it to be.

Yarn Along No. 23

I am halfway done with my Washcloth Housewarming Gift Project!


So the next color to be cast on the needles is lilac. Hopefully this one will behave better than the last skein. It just did NOT want to cooperate with my needles!

As for reading, I’m still on¬†The Best Yes, and I have Sara Gruen’s new novel¬†At the Water’s Edge, which takes place in the Scottish Highlands. (Can you guess why I picked it up? ūüôā ¬†).

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 72



I don’t know what’s going on–if the Moon’s in Jupiter, if the weather is just¬†Wuthering Heights¬†Moor-ish, or if it’s the last gasp of Lent, but this week has been really out-of-sorts. Is anyone else feeling this?


Some of it is stuff that doesn’t really matter, like when I wake up. I mean I don’t¬†have¬†to be anywhere at a certain time most days. But I dislike getting up past 10:00. It makes me grumpy. Yet that happened every single day this week. I guess my body is saying it needs this much sleep, but…? So, Grumpy Cat’s been out to play this week.


Downton announced that next season is its last.

Here is my prediction:

Mary is¬†not¬†going to get married. Instead, since in 1925 (when the last season will be set)women were able to inherit property on their own, she will become the official heiress of Downton, thereby solving the “succession crisis” that has plagued the DA since Episode 1! Therefore, Mary is the heir when Robert dies, followed by George. Ta-da! So Mary can marry the pig man if she wants, but she doesn’t have to. She never has to marry again, because she is set for life as far as a place to live goes.



Holy Week. Wow. Are you ready? I never feel ready, no matter how long Lent has seemed. It’s always like¬†bam!¬†That being said, I love Holy Week at my parish. There’s so much richness, and we have adoration every day and solemn vespers every night.

I was born on Good Friday, so naturally I have a special place in my heart for that day, anyway, but my birthday often falls on Palm Sunday or Holy Thursday, as well. So this week always feels a bit like ‘birthday week’ to me.


Speaking of Birthday Bonuses: Outlander starts the second part of season 1 on Holy Saturday. Jamie in your Easter Basket, indeed!


Since¬†Pioneer Girl¬†is now in the house, I’ve been re-reading the¬†Little House¬†books. I’m about to start¬†The Long Winter. I really like the books when the family is in DeSmet. I think they’re my favorite of the series. Reading¬†Farmer Boy¬†always makes me so hungry. I know I can’t be alone in that.


I’m about 50% done with washcloth no. 2. Hoping to make some more progress over the weekend!

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 71



I’m watching the tournament with my mom–she just had surgery so I’m here to help out around the house and answer the door for packages that may come. ūüôā ¬†We’re both rooting for Kansas to wi! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


The knitting comes along splendidly. I’m on washcloth two and I’m really liking this project. As Ginny says, it’s easy comfort knitting.¬†


I’m also finally catching up on my reading. I’ve been so behind lately, I don’t know¬†what¬†is going on. But I’m back to¬†Pilgrim’s Progress¬†and¬†Out Mutual Friend, and I’m also reading The Noonday Devil¬†for my spiritual reading bit. It’s actually amazingly good so far. I’m a nerd for things like this. Also, if you haven’t read¬†Acedia & me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer’s Life, do it, because it’s great.


I tried, in vain, to watch¬†No Country for Old Men. I’m at a loss as to how people not only¬†like¬†this movie, but think it’s a¬†great ¬†movie. After the shoot-out at the motel, I was done. I can’t stand movies with no redeemable characters, and there was not a single one like that in this movie, except¬†maybe Carla, but I didn’t watch the end of the movie, so I dunno if she’s redeemable or not (But Kelly MacDonald was¬†by far¬†the best thing about the movie). Ugh. It made me feel like I had to take a shower after watching it. I do not understand it. I guess these movies aren’t for me.


 However, I did see the new Live Action Cinderella this week and really liked it.Lily James and Richard Madden were great together (and I was glad to see that Robb Stark survived this movie :-P), and Sophie McShera was a scream. This is actually better than the animated version, in my opinion. So go see it and be happy.

Kit (Richard Madden) and Ella (Lily James) meet at the ball.

Kit (Richard Madden) and Ella (Lily James) meet at the ball.

Also the music is great! Go Patrick Doyle!


I played Scrabble with my Dad last night and I won. My first Scrabble win ever. You know why? Because it was Disney Scrabble. Which means that things like “Zurg” are acceptable words, and worth¬†bonus points.

So really, I can only win Scrabble when I can use my crazy Disney knowledge.


This week in CCD (the last until after Easter–we get two weeks off), I’m teaching the kids about Holy Week. Let the fun begin!

Yarn Along No. 22

So after wrangling with this yarn a bit (meaning I had to cast on THREE TIMES, and I seriously considered trashing this yarn, because it was being so uncooperative), it is now playing nice, and I’m several rows in to dishcloth #2. Yay!


(the angle’s weird….sorry…..no coffee yet when I took this!)

This is the second of four planned washcloths for a housewarming gift. The first one was done in white, and the other three will be in shades of purple.

I’m currently reading Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives, which I’m really enjoying. I liked Rubin’s other two books, as well, so I thought I’d like this one, but I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I am. It’s very interesting reading about habits: how we form them, why they work, or don’t work, the best way to form habits for our personality type. Good stuff. I’m an Obliger, an Owl, a moderator, and a sprinter. Click the “Obliger” link on the sidebar to see what you are (Obliger, Upholder, Questioner, Rebel).

Yarn Along No. 21

So, I have finished one of the four (planned) washcloths/dust cloths/pot holders for the Housewarming gift. ūüôā I call it that now because I made my sister one for¬†her¬†housekeeping gift, and she uses it as a potholder! So these things are really versatile knitted squares, which is what I should probably call them. But that sounds unappealing, right?

So anyway, the white one is finished. On to the next one, in the lightest shade of purple:


The book is ¬†The Shell Collector, a¬†collection of short stories by Anthony Doerr, who wrote¬†All the Light We Cannot See: A NovelI read one of his first books, Four Seasons in Rome,¬†years ago, and really liked it, so I was on the Anthony Doerr bandwagon before everyone else. (Maybe. Not?) I’ve just started this but I’m liking it thus far. Anyway, I’ve never gone wrong in his books yet.

Seven Quick Takes No. 70



Happy Friday y’all! I am happy because it is going to¬†warm up! It’s going to be in the 50s¬†all next week! This deserves italics, people. Yay!!!!! I am so excited! Bring it!


I am also excited because I’m going on a silent retreat this weekend. I love silent retreats. They are necessary to my spiritual well-being. This one is being preached by one of the Dominican friars from my parish, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

If you’ve never been on a silent retreat, I highly recommend it. The silence isn’t really that scary. ūüėČ And the spiritual fruits are amazing.

I have a whole category called “retreats”, so if you want to read more about them, click on the link at the bottom of the post, where the tags are.

(And if you have prayer requests, hit me up!)


I’ve been knitting a lot this week. I’m about to finish part 1 of a housewarming gift, and I’m determined to learn how to purl. At one point, I knew. Then I forgot. I want to fix this quickly.


My first Real Housekeeping article went up this week! I am very excited to be writing with these lovely ladies. Need a great dessert recipe? Head over there. ūüôā¬†


I’ve got a few books to take along on retreat, but one of them, sadly, is not¬†A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which is the sixth Outlander book, and where I am in my series re-read. I just don’t think that’s appropriate, right? ūüôā


Are there any books that you’ve started and just can’t finish? For me, it’s¬†War and Peace. I’ve tried it twice now, and I just can’t. I even (I say this with shame) bought¬†Sparknotes for it. And still, nothing. As the Emperor said to Mozart, “Too many {words}.” I know there’s a new film adaptation coming, so maybe I’ll watch that and then feel like I can tackle the book? (That’s how I tackled¬†Bleak House, after all. I like Esther a lot, but there’s a huge amount of “Too many words” territory in that book.)


Also–do you stop reading a book once you’ve started it? As in, do you give up midway through as a matter of course (if you’re not interested), or do you plug away to the end?