Daybook No. 88


Outside my window/health stuff::

Lots of wet, wet snow. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and Dad drove me. It took us almost an hour to go 12 miles. Sigh. But we made it on time and in tact, so that was good. (Dad gets a wee bit overprotective about me and snow. I love him for it.) Anyway, my PFTs are up two points, so that’s a good thing. We’re happy about that. Most of the visit was spent talking about the switch from my current insurance to the new insurance and how I may be without insurance for a period during this transition, which makes us slightly nervous, because MEDS. Like, Meds I need to Keep The Lungs Happy. Sigh. But we’ll work it out. I can get the meds….somewhere. I think. I hope!  There’s getting them and then there’s paying for them. Two separate things. But we’re working on it. Yes. We are.


Jeans, SmartWool socks (I LOVE these things), and a turquoise/teal sweater with a cute little bow details. I try to look cute but also utilitarian for clinic, because you have to take off clothes for the X-ray, and if they want anything else, you want to be fairly comfortable but presentable. (Sometimes I’ve had bronchs when I’ve been all prettied up for work, and those always suck, because you’re in nice clothes that then get all wrinkly because you have to take them off and put them in a bad. Sigh.)


Re-reading Lara Casey’s Make it Happen, and just about done with Pope Benedict XVI’s Prayer .


Still working on the cowl and bookmarks. Yay! 🙂 And adding new sections to the BOOK.

Around the house::
The tree is finally down! I vacuumed the section of the rug that was under it but good, let me tell you. I have to do some more loads of dishes, because you know, I cooked last night, and that means more dishes than my dishwasher can handle.

Meals for the week::

Um, right now, I’ve got nothing. I had chicken piccata with roasted fennel last night, and that was good. Tonight might just be quick two bean chili. I need to make my list and go shopping tonight or tomorrow.

In the CD player::

The Original Broadway Cast of Parade. The best show I have ever done, period.

Final scene of Parade (I'm in the blue pinafore in the center).

Final scene of Parade (I’m in the blue pinafore in the center).

Bible reading::

I’m reading the letters of St. Peter this week and probably next week, and then it’s a study of Esther.


Renee Week: Under the Stars

This was the first Renee CD I bought, and the rest is history.

She’s singing Broadway pieces here with Welsh opera star Bryn Terfel. And man, do they sing Broadway! This disc is a must have for any opera/musical theater/music lover. Some of the best tracks are “Stars”, “Not While I’m Around”, “All I Ask of You”, “Wheels of a Dream”, “How Could I Ever Know?” and “All the Wasted Time” (from Parade! Although they do alter it a bit….) It will blow you away.

Renee Week: Under the Stars

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–July 19, 2010

Outside my window…it is sunny and hot. And my A/C is broken. BOOO!

I am thinking…that  I miss A/C.

I am thankful for…wonderful, supportive friends

From the kitchen…I actually have a menu for this week! Tonight: Orzo pasta w/ saffron shrimp; then Quesadillas, crepes, and pork/cornbread for the rest of the week. Still not sure what’s on each night, other than tonight…

I am wearing...a coral and brown wrap dress, brown sandals

I am creating...I’m working on my theater scrapbook, with Parade pics, reviews, etc., and stuff from Oliver!

I am reading… The Bell, by Iris Murdoch (takes place at a Benedictine Abbey!), Kristin Lavransdatter (been awhile since I picked this up), Little Dorrit. Pride and Prejudice. For Dominican Study: St. Dominic: The Grace of the Word.
Of course I also need to start thinking about books for the Outer Banks trip…I’m thinking I might bring Christina Rossetti’s poems. And I always travel with Jane (will probably be Mansfield Park), The Year of Pleasures, The Hours, and I think I’ll bring Mediterranean Summer, since it’s such a good beach book, and I bought it at Duck’s Cottage on my first OBX trip in ‘08.

To live the liturgy…Mass and confession this week; the Divine Office, Rosary,etc.

I am hoping…for a wonderful vacation with my family! 🙂 (12 days!)

In the CD player…my Summer CD mix. I make one every summer and this one is coming along nicely.

Around the house…the usual: vacuuming, dusting, mopping…a lot of work to be done in the bedroom.

One of my favorite things…lazy summer days (not that I’ve had that many this year!…)

A few plans for the rest of the week… picking up my bridesmaid’s dress for Tiff’s wedding; ballet lesson on W (yay!), voice on Th, cookout with Phil’s family on Sat. and then road trip to Cincy on Sun.

We Got Rhythm

If it’s Saturday…there’s rehearsal.

The adults didn’t have to be at the PAC until 10:30, because the kids were being rehearsed first, but I was a little early and got to see “Be Back Soon” and a few runs of “Food, Glorious Food!” Our indefatigable choreographer was there, working with the kids, so that helped, and there’s another dance rehearsal scheduled for tomorrow.

The kids are so. darn. cute. (Have I mentioned that? They are.)

After “Food”, the kids plus Jodi and Kurt (Widow Corney and Mr. Bumble, respectively) rehearsed “Oliver!”. By then a lot of adults were filing in, so once they finished we got ready to rehearse “Consider Yourself.” I had my prop book and basket with me, so that I could practice handling them. My general theory of rehearsal is the more time you can rehearse in shoes, costumes, and with props, the better. It makes it that much easier by the time you open. (Shoes are coming once we start Tech Week. They should be broken in, because I did tech week + 9 Parade performances in them, but you never know.)

“Consider Yourself” is coming. It was better than on W (having the choreographer there helped). It’s a lot of people moving at the same time. I’m sure once it’s down it will look great. (I’m on the scaffolding, so I can’t really tell what it looks like, but it looks nice from above!) After running that a few times, we did “Oom-Pah-Pah” (so, so much fun, love that number), and then were done for the day.

Today I have rehearsal from 2-4—it’s an acting rehearsal—all lines, no music. So it shouldn’t be too bad, except everyone is supposed to be off-book. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂 (Yes, I have all three of my lines memorized.) Near the end, we’re going to block the London Bridge scene (where Bill Sykes kills himself, and Oliver is returned safely to Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Bedwin). So after Noon Mass at St. Pat’s, I’m running to HIlliard, getting a spot of lunch, then rehearsing.

Upcoming rehearsals:

T: Act I run-through

W: Act II run-through

Th: Music Tech (this is the show with just music. For more on this, go here. (it’s Part II, so scroll down a bit)

F: Off

Sat.: FIRST DAY OF TECH WEEK!!!!!! 9-1

Sun: Fourth of July, so no rehearsal