Photo Essay: Franciscan Monastery, Washington D.C.

Photo Essay--Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

Photo Essay: Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

photo essay, Franciscan monastery, Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

Photo Essay, Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo photo essay, Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo photo essay Franciscan Monastery, Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

Photo Essay Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

photo essay Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

photo essay Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

photo essay Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

photo essay Franciscan Monastery Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

photo essay Franciscan Monastery, Washington D.C. @emily_m_deardo

The Hail Mary in Scottish Gaelic.

Daybook No. 95

Easter Sunday 2015

Easter Sunday 2015

Outside my window::

Cloudy. It’s going to rain. Because it’s April and that’s what the weather does in Ohio in April. 🙂


jeans, an emerald green tank top. When I go out later a navy blue v-neck cardigan will go on top, and I’ll have navy flats. Navy is my bag, today. 🙂

Listening to::

The Hallelujah chorus from Messiah. Because, YES.


The Best YesFood: A Love Story


I’m taking part in WordPress’s writing 101 course, so there may be some of those posts going up on the blog throughout the month. You’ve been warned.
Also! The Fantastic Cristina is helping me make this site and my author site better and Much More Awesome. Check out the author site and please give it a follow! 🙂

Around the house::

Post-Easter cleaning. I had the place looking really good (for the most part) pre-triduum, but now there’s stuff that needs done from the Triduum fall out. 🙂 Like tossing shoes that are broken/don’t fit/I can’t wear anymore, sorting clothes into clean/need washed piles, things like that. And meal planning.

Plans for the week::

It’s birthday week! So I’m going out to dinner tonight with a friend, then dinner with the family on Thursday (actual Birthday). This weekend CCD is back, so I have to update my records, and I’m teaching the Lay Dominican novices about the Liturgy of the Hours and lectio divina, so I have to prep all that as well. Whew! And baseball season starts!

Daybook No. 94

Daybook No. 94


Outside my window::

Cloudy and chilly! My iPhone says it’s 28 degrees out there, and I’d believe it.


My PJs–blue t-shirt and Disney PJ pants. So, you know, nothing exciting.


I’m about to finish The Noonday Devil: Acedia, the Unnamed Evil of Our Times, and this is REALLY good, guys. I highly recommend it!

Also, this arrived at the house yesterday!:



This was originally a Christmas present! But there was so much interest, and the press that publishes this is so tiny, that I’m just now getting it. I’m not going to link to it on Amazon because I don’t think they have any–but your local bookstore might! If you’re a LIW fan like me, you will really love this. And if you’re a real fan, then you’ll appreciate this photo of a hay log!


(If you’re not a LIW fan, then just….move on. :-P)

Around the house::

The usual. Changing sheets today, though, and working on cleaning out the office. I need to get some trash bags up there so I can bag stuff that’s been tagged for discarding.


Why people think that good food should be cheap. I mean this in terms of meat and produce, milk and eggs.

A good product that is raised humanely and responsibly, by actual family farms, is going to cost more. It just is. There’s a lot more that those farms have to pay for. And we’re not even coming close to really covering their labor costs. BUT they provide a product that is better–for the animals, for the environment, for us. Have you tasted local milk before? Let me tell you, it’s awesome. I gladly pay more money for it because it’s so good. Stores that have higher price tags on these items are usually (Not always) but usually providing you with a better product. If you want healthier food, you’re probably going to have to pay for it.

I’m just touching the surface here–if you’re really into this, read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, which is amazing.

Farming is hard work, people. Raising food, raising crops is hard work. Some of that should be reflected in what we’re paying (and I say this as someone who is, by no means, rolling in the cash). That doesn’t mean you can’t love Trader Joe’s. I do love Trader Joe’s.

You can get deals at Farmer’s Markets. In fact, I direct you to Elizabeth on this. I don’t have a vast experience with farmer’s markets, and that’s something I’m hoping to change this summer. Don’t go to places like the market or more expensive grocery stores thinking everything is going to be expensive. In fact, when it’s in season, it’s usually cheaper! It’s when we’re paying for tomatoes to be shipped from Chile that they’re expensive! (And they just don’t taste as good.)

Anyway, read Elizabeth’s link, read the book, and think about food as more than just a price tag, guys. Just some food for thought, this morning.


We’re in Passiontide–the last two weeks before Easter. Yesterday I was teaching CCD and the two questions were:

“Is Pilate a Bad Guy?”

“Is Judas in Hell?”

I had to refrain from pulling out Dante for that last one. 🙂


I’ve got a list of writing projects to work on, so I have to get cracking there. This includes making an omelet so I can photograph it later this week.

Daybook No. 92


(More on grace later in this post, y’all)

Outside my window::

It’s WARM!!! It was brilliantly sunny most of the day but now it’s clouding up a bit. But it’s still warm! My bedroom window is open! The snow MELTS! I rejoice. 🙂


A J. Jill jersey skirt with an asymmetrical hemline; a long-sleeved gray t-shirt (v-neck) from Eddie Bauer. This is one of my favorite outfits. Earlier I had on a pink and coral scarf but that went off when I had to cook dinner. I don’t want to set myself on fire.

In the CD player::

I had Surfacing in yesterday because I needed to sing to some nice songs. 🙂 🙂 Nice meaning with a decent beat. First sunroof opening of the year? Cause for celebration.

In the book pile::

Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love
Death On A Friday Afternoon Meditations On The Last Words Of Jesus From The Cross
A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander)
Be Holy: A Catholic’s Guide to the Spiritual Life
That last one?I love it. I read it on a sort of regular basis, and it always goes on retreat with me. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it to all people. It’s one of my favorite books ever.

Around the house::

It’s so much easier to keep the place clean when it’s easy to take the trash out. Really. No snow? No drifts? Straight shot to the dumpster. 🙂 I changed the filter in my vacuum, swept the kitchen floor, and am mopping after I finish writing this.

From the kitchen::

Dinner was Rachael Ray’s leek-y chicken with a rice pilaf. Normally I’m not good at cooking rice, but this was great–it has white wine, chicken stock, thyme, and lemon zest in it, along with a shallot. Win. basically the only thing I needed to buy for this recipe was the chicken and the leeks!

Rest of the week–Black Bean and Rice “Stoup”; Garlic Roasted Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon; Luna Marinara (Friday lunch), and taco bowls. Yum.

Pondering//Retreat Notes:: (One of many to come, I’m sure)

There’s a lot I could say about this retreat. And I will. But in re the photo at the top of this page, I have this from our retreat director:

“Grace doesn’t just sit on a shelf. Grace is mediated, grace is given, grace is asked for, and grace is used! It’s not just something in a box.”

The theme of the retreat was the Virtues of Mary, but we talked about a lot of other things as well. Stay tuned.

Plans for the week::

Holy hour on Wednesday, lunch with my Dad on Thursday, and not sure about Friday 🙂 Going to see Donna del Lago on Saturday!!! Yeah Bel Canto! I can’t wait to see this opera. It looks like a gorgeous production, and I adore Joyce DiDonato.

Photo I’m sharing::

Tiff at I at the Columbus Hofbrauhaus.

Tiff at I at the Columbus Hofbrauhaus.

Daybook No. 88


Outside my window/health stuff::

Lots of wet, wet snow. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and Dad drove me. It took us almost an hour to go 12 miles. Sigh. But we made it on time and in tact, so that was good. (Dad gets a wee bit overprotective about me and snow. I love him for it.) Anyway, my PFTs are up two points, so that’s a good thing. We’re happy about that. Most of the visit was spent talking about the switch from my current insurance to the new insurance and how I may be without insurance for a period during this transition, which makes us slightly nervous, because MEDS. Like, Meds I need to Keep The Lungs Happy. Sigh. But we’ll work it out. I can get the meds….somewhere. I think. I hope!  There’s getting them and then there’s paying for them. Two separate things. But we’re working on it. Yes. We are.


Jeans, SmartWool socks (I LOVE these things), and a turquoise/teal sweater with a cute little bow details. I try to look cute but also utilitarian for clinic, because you have to take off clothes for the X-ray, and if they want anything else, you want to be fairly comfortable but presentable. (Sometimes I’ve had bronchs when I’ve been all prettied up for work, and those always suck, because you’re in nice clothes that then get all wrinkly because you have to take them off and put them in a bad. Sigh.)


Re-reading Lara Casey’s Make it Happen, and just about done with Pope Benedict XVI’s Prayer .


Still working on the cowl and bookmarks. Yay! 🙂 And adding new sections to the BOOK.

Around the house::
The tree is finally down! I vacuumed the section of the rug that was under it but good, let me tell you. I have to do some more loads of dishes, because you know, I cooked last night, and that means more dishes than my dishwasher can handle.

Meals for the week::

Um, right now, I’ve got nothing. I had chicken piccata with roasted fennel last night, and that was good. Tonight might just be quick two bean chili. I need to make my list and go shopping tonight or tomorrow.

In the CD player::

The Original Broadway Cast of Parade. The best show I have ever done, period.

Final scene of Parade (I'm in the blue pinafore in the center).

Final scene of Parade (I’m in the blue pinafore in the center).

Bible reading::

I’m reading the letters of St. Peter this week and probably next week, and then it’s a study of Esther.

Seven Quick Takes Friday No. 65



Happy Friday again, y’all!

Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of this week’s posts, in case you missed them: Daybook, Yarn Along, The Open Guitar Case, Contemplation, How a Dominican Friar Prays (who happens to be one of my BFFs).


There was also this special post. I am so happy. Editing this manuscript went pretty well, except for some parts that made me think why did I write this DRECK?! But that’s what editing is for….getting out all the crap. There are some entire sections that need to be seriously trashed and re-written, and the prospect there is sort of daunting. But first I’m working on adding a more solid ending, which was one of the big problems in the first go-round. One thing at a time, right? But for January, my goal was to just edit the firs two parts of the book, not the whole thing. So I am lightyears ahead there!


Quick Oscar movie posts: I saw Gone Girl and How to Train Your Dragon 2Gone Girl has one nomination (best actress for Rosamund Pike, who plays Amy), and How to Train Your Dragon 2 is nominated for Best Animated Feature.

I wasn’t really impressed with Pike in Gone Girl. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a good actress, but I don’t think she was quite as creepy as the role requires her to be. I’m also not sure if that’s a fault of the writing/medium. In the book, she’s just so creepy. In the movie she’s borderline creepy. Also, the movie doesn’t do as good of a job fleshing out Amy and Nick’s before.” I know, movies are different than books, but in this case it just didn’t translate well. And with the competition in the best actress category, I don’t think Pike will win.

As far as HTTYD2, I thought it was very well done, just as good as its predecessor. Gorgeous animation, great story. I’d need to see more of this category to predict, however.


If you’re looking for a great Lenten e-retreat, as it were, ladies, I give you this:


I did this last year, and it was amazing. Please consider gifting this to yourself. It’s amazing.


And yes, Lent. It’s coming soon, peeps. It’s early this year. May I direct you to my Lent series? 🙂


And to round this out, some Christmas pics:

Me and my cousin Paige (who, incidentally, also asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor.)

Me and my cousin Paige (who, incidentally, also asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor.)


My cousin Kelly, and another cousin, Justin. These guys kill me.

My cousin Kelly, and another cousin, Justin. These guys kill me.

Daybook No. 85

Daybook No. 85


Outside my window:

It’s that washed-blue sky, light clouds. Winter is coming, though (a la Game of Thrones….). We’re getting snow tonight, and tomorrow, and on Wednesday the low is supposed to be -4. Yeah, that’s right. -4.


So I am mostly staying in. Not that that’s a problem!


I just finished a yoga class (via a website), so yoga pants in a bright orangey-red, and a long-sleeved gray t-shirt, because, again, it’s cold. 🙂 No makeup. Contacts are in though, so I’m not being totally slackerly in the looks department. 🙂


The Death Class, which is really great so far. I mean sort of addictive. It was hard to stop and take yoga class and eat lunch! Also reading Pope Benedict XVI’s general audiences on Prayer, for my spiritual reading. After Class, I think I’m starting either Middlemarch or Our Mutual FriendMay. May not. 🙂 And still reading Elizabeth of York, for my dash of British history.

Around the house::

Today is the normal mop/vacuum/dust/sweep/take the trash out before it snows combo. As part of this, I’m also doing some decluttering as I go about, particularly in the Book Room and in the DVD collection. I also have some plans for wall art–things to hang, etc., but it requires getting frames. I’ve always wanted photos and posters and things like that going up the staircase, so we’ll see how far I can get in that goal. I have some gorgeous pictures of Paris that I bought at the city art festival years ago, but never framed, so those are a top priority, because they’re too pretty to just be sitting around despondently.


I have two writing goals–blogging three days a week, and working on the Book for 30 minutes every day, before noon. So far I have hit both goals. However, it’s only January Fifth. 🙂 Generally I’ve been doing my Office, my lectio (Bible reading), and then going for the writing. So far this is a good plan (because I don’t even need to get dressed to write, right? I can just sit here with my coffee in my PJs!)

From the kitchen::

Here’s this week’s meal plan, dinner-wise:

Tonight: Beef chili

Tuesday: Sesame Turkey Meatballs from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

Wednesday: Jamie Oliver’s stew. (When it’s -4, you want stew. That’s that.)

Thursday: Mustardy pork chops (a favorite around here)

Friday: Lunch–spicy shrimp with yogurt. I might be going out that night with the parents or having dinner at a friend’s, so I’m not entirely sure what dinner looks like.

Saturday we’re going to the symphony, so we’ll be eating out post Mass.

One of the great things I did over the weekend, when I saw the weather forecast, was take stock of my freezer. I buy meal and fish on sale throughout the year just for winter snaps like this, and I found I had:

  • 2 pk. of thick-cut pork chops
  • 3 lbs. of ground beef
  • 2 lbs. of ground turkey
  • a bag of shrimp
  • 1 lb. stew meat
  • tilapia filets

Thus, you can see why my menu is a bit meat heavy! Well that, and I’m having a colonoscopy next week. To prep for that, I have to stop my vitamins tomorrow, and since I”m anemic, I want to be loading up on the meat for the iron, and eating lots of iron-rich things. So GO MEAT. 🙂

So, I suggest taking stock of the freezer, writing down what you have, and then meal planning from that, if you’re in a “I need to shop quickly and cheaply” situation, because you might be like me and find many nice things!


Like I said, yoga today. Last week I exercised four days in a  row and lost two pounds. Yay! So since it’s going to be so cold, it’s going to be at home workouts until at least Friday. So I’m thinking yoga, ballet beautiful, and things like that, and I do have some small dumbbells here, so I can do some weight training to fill in any gaps, although I doubt there will be any. Yoga is great for giving your arms and core a workout.

In the CD player::

The film soundtrack to Mary Poppins. Singing along to “Sister Suffragette” is fun. But since Christmas isn’t over by the Breviary until Sunday–and the old calendar until Candlemas, which is February Second! –the Christmas music is still in rotation.



Christmas Train set. Pretty, no?

Outside my window::