Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 43

saint catherine of alexandria reading a book by marinari

Happy Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Co-Patroness of the Dominican Order! 🙂 

Outside my window::

Getting dark, and it’s COLD. Like in the teens at night cold. Brrr!


Black v-neck dress with a deep blue camisole, and black flats earlier, but those are off. My “grover” (my furry North Face Fleece, which is bright blue) is getting a lot of use as well these days.

In the kitchen::

Pasta, cacio e pepi, which is basically pasta with lots of cheese and pepper.


St. Catherine of Siena’s dialogues. I should finish this tonight!

Fun links::

Pride and patridges: Jane Austen and food. 

Knitting as a feminist issue? 

Praying for::
Angela in her “cancer eradication” surgery today. 🙂 (That’s what she’s calling it)

My pregnant friends

Around the house::

I have to start wrapping Christmas gifts. I did a lot of cleaning this weekend and my Advent wreath and my Nativity are both us. The tree is this weekend’s project. I only have work until Wednesday at noon, so a nice long holiday is in my future! Plenty of time to clean and deck the halls.

Being creative::

A bit less than 9,000 words left in NaNoWriMo sweeps! Yes! I also ordered a ton of new yarn today for a ridiculously low price, so I want to finish the scarf I have going on now and then clear my needles for the yarn that’s coming!

In the CD player::

Oh yeah, it’s Christmas music. 🙂

Plans for the week::

In no particular order: Thanksgiving (well, on Thursday, duh); three Pure Barre classes; my brother coming over with his girlfriend; the OSU Michigan game; putting up the tree; seeing Frozen, and going to a production of A Christmas Carol on Sunday. And I want to see Book Thief too!

Head over to Suscipio for more CWAs!

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 41

Outside my window::

It’s a really lovely fall day…blue sky, high clouds, bit of a breeze. It’s like upper 50s, I think, so that’s quite excellent, temp wise, for me.


Gray skirt, light purple tank, blue cardigan. Layers are our friend!


Abandonment to Divine Providence; A Concise History of Italy; Be Holy. 


That Christmas scarf is still going. It’s like the Energizer Bunny.

 Praying for::

Pregnant friends

Thomas Peters

My CCD class

The new convent of Dominican Sisters in our diocese. One of them is the new CCD director at our parish.


NaNoWriMo 2013 starts on Friday! Yippee! This year it’s a more “realistic fiction” piece as opposed to last year’s dystopian flavored one. It takes place in England, technically, near Newcastle, but the town is fictional, sort of like Thomas Hardy’s fictional British locales.


Three Pure Barre classes on the agenda for this week. Yay!

Around the house::

Vacuuming, dusting, mopping. The usual.

Recipe corner::

This macaroni from Rachael Ray sounds fantastic! And you don’t even have to have the BLT part, if you don’t want to.


backstage at And Then There Were None, with Jenny, who played Vera (and also introduced me to Pure Barre!)

backstage at And Then There Were None, with Jenny, who played Vera (and also introduced me to Pure Barre!)

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 38

(Prompts Elizabeth style, today) 


Noticing God’s glory::

Autumn in Central Ohio is usually beautiful, but even moreso when we have so much great leaf color. It makes it a bit easier to commute against the color show.


In the CD player::

Still the Joyce CD. I’m all about it, as my brother would say.


Clothing myself in::

Nutmeg boots; a asymmetrical hemmed skirt in oatmeal; a blue v-neck top, and a cream scarf (linen, not knitted. I still need to knit a blue scarf for me!). Oh, and smartwool socks, which I looooove.


thinking and thinking::

About how to get everything into my days; I have been working on that, and I’ve been getting up earlier. I’ve added a workout to my almost daily schedule. But then with the workout comes two hours home at night in which to do everything–write, take care of the house, knit, etc. Eventually my goal is to be awake at 6:30, but right now we’re about 40 minutes short of that. Maybe “falling back” will help?


pondering prayerfully::

the idea of vocation, and what it means when what you thought your vocation was isn’t what you thought it was–or, God has a different idea of how to use your skills, talents, and desires. What is the best use of these?


cultivating rhythm::

Well I sort of touched on this, above. But there’s some things that have to be done in a rhythmic way–the mornings, especially, and the preparation for the next day in the evenings.  Also, being sure I use the pockets of free time I have well, on the things that need done.  (Does this make sense?)


Creating by hand::

My grandma’s Christmas scarf is on my knitting needles now. Hopefully during Tech Week I can get a lot of this done. 🙂


Learning lessons in::

Balance. Always, always balance. How to get everything in, in a way that isn’t a rushed thing, but a way that allows everything to work the way it should.


Prayers for::

My friends with health problems

My pregnant friends

My World Vision child, Mery, who turned 13 today!

Thomas Peters


Keeping house::

Cleaning the kitchen. I’ve been cleaning out the cabinets and the fridge over the last few weekends and stocking up on some fall essentials. So I have to sweep and mop the floor and deep clear the stove burners.



Just finished The House of Hades, the latest Rick Riordan book. I’m not as pleased with it as I was with others that he’s written. There’s some unnecessary “contemporary” problems in there and it’s sort of meandering. (I’m being vague in case anyone reading this is a Percy fan. 🙂 )


Planning for the week ahead:

Tonight: workout at Pure Barre, and port access. Whee!

Wednesday: Eye doctor appointment; Pirates game. They better win.

Thursday: Another PB class

Friday-Sunday: Rehearsals for the show and Tech Week starts! We open next Friday.

Sunday: Possible Lay Dominicans meeting if I don’t have rehearsal on Sunday, but I”m fairly sure I will. Teaching CCD in the morning.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 36

Outside my window::

It’s hot. Really, really hot. 90 today and 93 tomorrow. And my A/C is broken. I’m trying to imagine that, with my fans, I’m back at Summit, where there was no air conditioning in the guest quarters. Hopefully this will be fixed later today.


A blue flower print Boden dress, with a matching solid camisole under it; black flats.

In the CD player::

Eva Cassidy, Songbird


I read a lot last week with my stomach bug (that’s where I was all week): The Princess Bride, Lumen FideiThe Silent Wife, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving (those last two are Duck’s Cottage book club books).


For Thomas Peters

For my pregnant friends

For peace in Syria

Around the house::

The usual, and changing the sheets. Of course if the A/C isn’t fixed I’ll just be a puddle on the couch. How did our ancestors survive without A/C? I shudder to think.

From the kitchen::

Heh, all those things I didn’t make last week because my stomach hated me. 🙂 So lemon fusili pasta tonight, one of my favorites.  Again, assuming I have some sort of A/C. But I love this meal so much I might make it and eat it in front of a fan.


Almost done with Christmas Scarf No.3, in that gorgeous Quince and Co. yarn. Once that’s done, it’s on to scarf number 4, in peacock, with this yarn. 

Fun link::

I love anything about Colonial Williamsburg, so here’s a story about buckskin breeches, if you’re into that. 🙂

Plans for the week::

Lunch w/ Dad today and tomorrow

Les Miz cast reunion/dinner Tuesday

My brother turns TWENTY-EIGHT on Wednesday! Make it stop!