Bucket List

After dinner with my parents tonight, my mom pulled out a pencil and a scrap of paper. “What’s on your bucket list?” She asked me and my dad.

I’d thought about this a bit before, but my mom had never asked me. Here’s what I said:

  • go on a cruise
  • Go to England and Scotland (preferably during the Jane Austen festival!)
  • Go to Italy
  • See an opera at the Met (that was going to happen this year, but then my little sister decided to graduated from college. 🙂 )
  • Go to the West Coast, like California or Hawaii. (We could combine this with item number 1 and go on a DISNEY Cruise to Hawaii!)

Another item on my list: Be in a production of Les Miserables. This is going to happen this coming summer, because one of the community theater companies I work with got the rights to the new full version of the show (not the adapted “school version” which has been out for a few years.)

I am massively excited, of course. Over the past few years I’ve also done Jekyll and Hyde and Ragtime with this company, and these are two of my “dream” shows–shows I really love. Les Miserables is also in this category. Even if I don’t get an actual “part”, the chorus stuff is amazing.

So this summer brings one Bucket List item to completion. Now about the rest of them….

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–June 27, 2011

Outside my window…it is breezy, sunny and warm. Swimming may be in my future tonight.

I am thinking…that I am glad I have tonight off for rehearsal, because it’s full steam ahead tomorrow until show opens (we do get the Fourth off, however). This is the fun part—but also the sleep-deprived part. 🙂

I am thankful for…my parents.

From the kitchen…stirfry later this week, pasta (because when we start run throughs, carbs are my friend), stuffed peppers.

I am wearing…an asymmetrical hemline skirt from J. Jill; a dark pink camisole top, also from J.Jill

I am creating…I have an idea for another short story. I also submitted an essay to the Real Simple essay contest last week. Fingers crossed.

I am readingP&P. Also thinking about starting The Forgotten Garden—I have a preview on my Nook that I need to check out.

I am hoping…for great, fantastic, wonderful rehearsals.

In the CD player…Rag-Time. Nothing else. :)(Well, OK, a bit of Love Never Dies for variety)

Around the House…winnowing of the bookshelves and DVDs for moving…packing….

A few of my favorite things…good movies and music; swimming

A few plans for the rest of the week…uh, rehearsal. T: Act I. W: Act II. Th.: Act I. Friday: Act II. Saturday: Tech Week Begins. Sunday: Music Tech.

Weekend Rewind XII

Friday: Dinner w/ the parental units. Re-read The English Patient, watched a bit of Inception (before the Blu-Ray player started being silly and I took that as a cue to go to bed.)Also! Went to look at townhouses and found one I like, so that’s a plus.

Saturday: Rehearsal—costume notes, running some music, running blocking for “Til We Reach That Day” and the Opening sequence. Now that the scaffolding’s up, the blocking gets tweaked to fit the space and now we actually have a scaffolding to climb. 🙂 Parents came to see townhouse and we discussed moving logistics, etc. Also went to a graduation party for a friend of the family’s (and mine—I love this family) and had some yummy Chinese food. 🙂

Came home, watched the rest of Inception.

And the Pirates won. 🙂

Sunday: Mass (Corpus Christi), then rehearsal—blocking “Look What You’ve Done”, and running “Crime of the Century” to review blocking/choreography.  Dinner with parents and then back home for a swim (yay! Pool!), and watching Tangled.

(And if you’re coming to see the show…here’s a list of numbers I’m in, in case you’re curious. These all entail singing, not just standing around on stage.


Opening (Ragtime)

Crime of the Century

Ellis Island Sequence/Success

The Night That Goldman Spoke At Union Square

Lawrence, Mass. Sequence

‘Til We Reach That Day (Act I finale)


Coalhouse Demands (Act II opener)

Back to Before (Actually, I’m offstage,oohing. Lovely. :-D)

Look What You’ve Done

Epilogue/Finale—“Wheels of a Dream”

Just an FYI if you’re a family member (ahem, Dad) and want to know how much you have to pay attention to. :-P)

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–June 20, 2011

Outside my window…a bit cool (73 degrees), cloudy, sprinkling. I think more rain is on the way.

I am thinking…trying to motivate myself for the rehearsal schedule this week. It’s hard to leave the apartment when it’s raining. 😛

I am thankful for…friends and family. And my Nook. 😀

From the kitchen…tonight, the lovely Nigella salmon I’ve raved about here. Later this week, I will try stuffed peppers for the first time! (Making them, that is) Also a stir-fry.

I am wearing…a seaglass colored sleeveless dress, a Touchstone Crystal necklace, silver flats, and a J. Crew cashmere cardigan.

I am creating…I have to finish an essay and a short story, both for contest. I say “have to” because if I treat them like assignments, they’ll get done. 🙂

I am readingFather Elijah, Agnes Grey, The Greater Journey

I am hoping…for a very, very, VERY productive week in rehearsals.

In the CD player…Renee Fleming, By Request

Around the house…taking books to Half Price books; more packing; trash/vacuum/floors…always….although as I pack there is less stuff to clean!

My favorite things…my Nook (Did I mention that?), the nap I took on SAturday. It was chilly and raining, and I snuggled up on my couch under a fleece blanket that my sister and I made together. And napped. It was glorious.

I am praying for…my best friend’s husband’s family—his grandmother just died; various and sundry people with health issues.

A few plans for the rest of the week…Tonight: Rehearsal. Tomorrow: Chorus rehearsal. W: Blocking rehearsal (Seeing a trend?) And my mom’s birthday. Th: 20s group cookout. Sat. Rehearsal—more blocking!

Weekend Rewind XI Part I


Friday: Packed for the Pittsburgh weekend trip, watched Eugene Onegin, and basically relaxed after a long week. So an uneventful Friday.


A graduation party!

For this guy…I remember his baptism…and now he’s a high school grad. (Tear.)

After rehearsal on Saturday morning (chorus work), I went to my parents and we drove to Pittsburgh for my cousin’s grad party. Whenever my mom’s side of the family gets together, there’s a lot of people…because they’re a big family.

My mom has five sisters and two brothers. All of her sisters were at the party.

So there was lots of fun. Including cornhole (that is what we call it in Ohio. In Pittsburgh they call it “The beanbag toss.” Silly people.)

And bubble blowing:

That cutie? That’s Justin.

Justin has a variety of moods.



Really, those are his moods. Cute, and more cute.

I spent a lot of time blowing bubbles with him on Saturday, and playing cornhole, and watching the Pirates game on TV with my cousins.

Nothing is quite as rejuvenating as some toddler cuddling.

Seven Quick Takes Friday–Vol. IX

  1. I am REALLY excited for this weekend! First, I am taking Monday off. That alone excites me! Why am I taking it off? My parents and I are going to Pittsburgh for my cousin Matt’s graduation party. I can’t believe he’s a high school graduate! Sigh. I am getting old. So that’s tomorrow, after Ragtime rehearsal. 
  2. This will be fun, because 1) my Aunt Patty (matt’s mom) throws great parties and 2) I will get to see a lot of family, including adorable cousins, that I haven’t seen since Christmas. And possibly there will be swimming. Possibly. This is HIGHLY possible because my little cousin Paige is a fish. Literally.
  3. On Sunday we’re going to 10:00 Mass and then going to PNC Park for Pirates v. Mets. I am really excited because I haven’t been to PNC and I keep hearing about how great it is. I am excited to give my new camera (a Canon PowerShot ELPH 100HS) a workout, because we will have seats on the 3B line, which means skyline views! And the weather will be perfect—low 70s. Plus there is Primanti Brothers, which I think I will have to try, at the ballpark.
  4. I am not really a baseball person. This could be because we are Pirates fans, and they haven’t been very good in……..a………long…….time. But they are doing (reasonably) well this year, so I’m hoping they will win!
  5. We’re coming home on Monday. Lunch at Red Lobster. So good food this weekend, because there is also a Bethel Bakery cake at my cousin’s party. And if you haven’t had a Bethel Bakery cake, I feel sorry for you. Because they are sort of beyond awesome. The icing is perfect. Not that cloying sweet stuff, but light and delicious and basically you want to just lick off the icing. MMMMM.
  6. My cousin Kelly (Matt’s sister) just got back from China, so I want to hear about that. And have a Steinbeck discussion with my (entering high school) cousin Courtney. Yeah. A Steinbeck discussion. I’m serious.
  7. We’re staying with my grandma, which means I will have to play her piano at some point. Because I love it. And it’s the piano I learned to play on. So there. 🙂

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