Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 62/ Weekend Rewind

Outside my window::

Man, it’s a gorgeous Memorial Day. Sunshine, blue sky, a few clouds, nice and warm. (The swim this morning was excellent due to weather.) One of my neighbors is grilling out and it makes everything smell yummy.

In the CD player::

The Bridges of Madison County. Oh my gosh, people. This show is awesome. I’m sad it’s closed.:( Here’s a clip of Kelli O’Hara, who plays the female lead, Francesca, singing the show’s opener. It’s a stunner.  (I mean, of course, it’s Jason Robert Brown, but still. It’s so much better than you may think.) I’m alternating between this and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, because who doesn’t need some 80s music every once in awhile?


Sense and Sensibility (Marianne just met Willoughby), Watership Down (I’m about finished and it’s really good), The Pickwick Papers, Keeping Home (a Christian perspective on housekeeping).


Around the house::

Getting ready for the Disney trip which is rapidly approaching! SO excited. I may have mentioned how excited I am. 🙂  So I’m packing clothes and books and toiletries and all the gear I need for a trip to the House of Mouse. Also doing regular cleaning so that when I leave the house (and come back to said house) it won’t be a disaster of Epic Proportions. I also have to make sure I have all the meds ordered and ready to go for the trip, since I don’t want to track down a pharmacy in Orlando that may or may not carry the drugs I need. 🙂



Only one rehearsal this weekend, and it was to run through our existing Act I blocking, block Trouble and work on polishing Iowa Stubborn, which is going really well. I love this show and the cast more every rehearsal, which is great and really exciting, since we also get better every rehearsal.

Well, blocking for three hours counts, right? 🙂 There has also been much swimming since the pool officially opened on Thursday. (I’ve gone twice, which is good for me.) And of course there will be lots of swimming/walking at WDW.

Fun links::

This Jane  discovery.  (Everyone needs more Jane in their lives) and where Richard III will be buried.  So, yes, a British flavor to these today. 🙂

Weekend Rewind::

There was swimming, there was X-Men: Days of Future Past (I will say it is probably helpful to have seen the other movies before this one, but I don’t think you’ll be irrevocably lost if you haven’t seen them before seeing this), there was a cookout with perfect burgers. In general, great summer kick off. 🙂

X-Men, by the by, is definitely worth seeing, especially for James McAvoy’s disillusioned and mournful Charles Xavier. Also, Ellen Page has a small but very well done and important role in this installment. And Jean-Luc Picard! (I know, I know. Patrick Stewart, Okkkayyyyy! I grew up with a Trekkie Dad, what do you expect? )

Plans for the week::

More rehab (W and Fri), packing, and then The Happiest Place on Earth. 🙂








Burial of Richard III

Burial of Richard III

The final resting place for the remains of Richard III, one of the kings of England during the Wars of the Roses (he succeeded his brother, Edward IV, and his nephew, Edward V. Course he might also have killed Edward V….we will never know for sure), will be in Leicester Cathedral, near where his remains were found in a Leicester parking lot. 

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 21

Outside my window::

MORE SNOW. Make it stop. Please?

I’m wearing::

My PJs–a University of Pittsburgh t-shirt and Boden PJ pants with London landmarks on them.

In the CD Player::

Act II of The Phantom of the Opera, 25th anniversary recording.


Rooted in Grace; Life of Christ. Also, a lot of books are coming this week, which will include: Middlemarch, Can You Forgive Her?. Loverly: The History and Legacy of My Fair Lady; The Enchanted April; An Everlasting Meal, and Walking on Water. Yeah, that’s a lot of reading. 🙂

Listening to::

TV–when I write, I need some background noise.


I just cut a whole scene of the novel, and now I’m going back to re-write it; also thought of a slight timeline change for it, so I’ll have to edit that. Also wrote two columns for Suscipio this week!

Working out::

Back in the saddle. Workouts planned for T, W, Th and Sat. (M and F are my days off) Gotta get some yoga in there and stretch out.

Around the house::

Oh, the usual–the sweeping and the mopping and the vacuuming.


Richard III’s remains discovered (as a Brit History geek, I love this)

Things I’m doing this week::

This is a scarily clear week. So working out, writing, reading, watching movies.  (The BBC’s Tess of the D’Ubervilles is on my watch list, as is Somewhere In Time). There’s a holy hour at my parish with the Dominican sisters who teach in a nearby suburb so I’m psyched about that! Also church book sale this weekend and Lay Dominican monthly chapter meeting on Sunday. So Friday and Sunday will be busy.

Lent plans::

So far: cutting back on facebook to only Sundays and if I have something Major to Post; 4 of the Hours in the Liturgy of the Hours every day; meatless Mondays or wednesdays in addition to Fridays; getting up earlier so I can get in morning prayer before I leave for work.