Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 47

Outside my window:

It is frigid. We’re talking below 0, without wind chill, for the actual temperature. With wind chill, it’s in the negative 20s and 30s. So what am I wearing? The warmest clothes I have–my only turtleneck, light blue cashmere, brown pants, wool socks. Tomorrow it’s going to be negative temps for the high. Yeah. So I’ll look like Randy in A Christmas Story, as opposed to a human being…. Good thing I have so many scarves!

I am never, ever complaining about heat again. Ever. I love all heat. Sun. Sand. Warm water. Oh heck yes.

whirpool lurking at Stormalong Bay, Walt Disney World's Beach Club Resort

whirpool lurking at Stormalong Bay, Walt Disney World’s Beach Club Resort


Mythology, by Edith Hamilton; also re-reading One Thousand Gifts. Also there’s a facebook group: Reading Augustine’s City of God in 2014. I joined and my copy should be coming today. Doctors of the Church, yo! On deck: Charles Dickens, Dance with Dragons.


This right here. Join us?

From the kitchen::

My new planner has a great feature where I can write in the week’s menu at the bottom of each day. Keeps me so organized.

Tonight: Greek Shrimp with Feta

T: Jamie Oliver’s meatloaf (because it’s going to be really cold, and this requires a really hot oven)

W: Stir-fry, or pasta

Th: Mustard and apple pork chops

F: Cacio e pepi (pasta with pepper and cheese)

Around the house::

Vacuuming today. Dusting. The usual. Nothing that involves going outside. 🙂

In the CD player::

Frozen soundtrack. A propos, right? Been listening to David Neuve’s etheral piano recordings, though, at home. Check them out if you love gentle, soothing music. It’s great when I’m writing or cooking.

1000 gifts::

I’m up to No. 84 in my journal!

Plans for the week::

Not to freeze? Sounds like a good plan. 🙂 We warm up on Wednesday and Thursday though, praise Jesus. Lay Dominicans meeting on Sunday.

Catholic Women’s Almanac No. 43

saint catherine of alexandria reading a book by marinari

Happy Feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, Co-Patroness of the Dominican Order! 🙂 

Outside my window::

Getting dark, and it’s COLD. Like in the teens at night cold. Brrr!


Black v-neck dress with a deep blue camisole, and black flats earlier, but those are off. My “grover” (my furry North Face Fleece, which is bright blue) is getting a lot of use as well these days.

In the kitchen::

Pasta, cacio e pepi, which is basically pasta with lots of cheese and pepper.


St. Catherine of Siena’s dialogues. I should finish this tonight!

Fun links::

Pride and patridges: Jane Austen and food. 

Knitting as a feminist issue? 

Praying for::
Angela in her “cancer eradication” surgery today. 🙂 (That’s what she’s calling it)

My pregnant friends

Around the house::

I have to start wrapping Christmas gifts. I did a lot of cleaning this weekend and my Advent wreath and my Nativity are both us. The tree is this weekend’s project. I only have work until Wednesday at noon, so a nice long holiday is in my future! Plenty of time to clean and deck the halls.

Being creative::

A bit less than 9,000 words left in NaNoWriMo sweeps! Yes! I also ordered a ton of new yarn today for a ridiculously low price, so I want to finish the scarf I have going on now and then clear my needles for the yarn that’s coming!

In the CD player::

Oh yeah, it’s Christmas music. 🙂

Plans for the week::

In no particular order: Thanksgiving (well, on Thursday, duh); three Pure Barre classes; my brother coming over with his girlfriend; the OSU Michigan game; putting up the tree; seeing Frozen, and going to a production of A Christmas Carol on Sunday. And I want to see Book Thief too!

Head over to Suscipio for more CWAs!

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 15



So, I turned 31 this week.

Originally this blog was just supposed to be about my 30th year, but I liked y’all so much and I love the WordPress platform, so I’m keeping it as my “one” blog. I managed to import my Tumblr over here, too, so there’s lots to look through and read, if you haven’t, from pre-30 days. 🙂

Last year was a great year, and this year promises to be even better, with Walt Disney World and New York City coming up in the next two months, and Les Miserables in the summer. And my eight year transplant anniversary. Huzzah! So thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the stuff to come as much as I will.

(And the birthday was awesome. Separate post coming about that. With art.)


Les Miserables: A lot of people have been asking about this. It’s being done by one of the community theater groups in town. I love working with them, for a few reasons, one of them being they mount these huge, awesome shows and do them well. The first show I did with them was Jekyll and Hyde, and since then I’ve been in their productions of Oliver! and Ragtime.

Les Miz rehearsals have started, but they are only chorus rehearsals; no one’s auditioned for a part yet. Those auditions are Memorial Day weekend. If you’ve done a show with them in the past, you can do the chorus sans auditioning. Now, since Les Miz is completely sung, it makes sense to get the chorus parts down ASAP so that we can focus on the interplay between chorus and characters, and blocking, once we get into the true rehearsal period in June.


For my birthday I got a lot of movies: Les Miz, which I had seen back in December, Argo, and Lincoln. Argo, as we know, won Best Picture, and I have to say it was well deserved. That was a well-crafted, intense, visceral film, and I applaud Ben Affleck and crew for the great job they did. But Lincoln was certainly no slouch, although there were times when I wondered by Spielberg chose to shoot some scenes so darkly. (And I mean it was actually dark, not dark in content, like depress) If you haven’t seen either of these, please do so.

(A note on the Les Miz film: The extreeeeeeme close ups that were so irritating in the theater? Works a lot better on the small screen. Not that I mind getting up close and personal with Eddie Redmayne’s freckles, but still, it’s not nearly as jarring at home.)

My brother also got me season 1 of the Sopranos, which I certainly will enjoy, since I love binge viewing TV series (watching a bunch of eps at one time–I’m doing that with Game of Thrones since I don’t get HBO). We watched the pilot episode last night while we ate pizza, and verily, it was a good time.


Can I do a bit of grammar here? What the heck, I’m going to.

People: To make something plural, you add “s” or “es.” iPads. Dresses. Teddy bears. Candles. Cars. Tests. Chairs. Boxes. You do not write: iPad’s. Dress’s. Car’s. Test’s. Because, if you do, you’re not making plural. You’re making it possessive. If you write, “we’re getting ready for the test’s,” you have written a sentence that makes no sense in English. WHY do people think this is correct? It is not. Stop it. Now.

Also: Your and you’re. YOUR is the possessive form of “you.” Your car. Your soda. Your house. Your prom dress.

YOU’RE is a contraction of the subject/verb “you are.” “You’re pretty.” “You’re late.” “You’re smart.” “You’re insane.”

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


So I saw my endocrinologist on Thursday, to check and see if our “no insulin” experiment is working. And yea, it is! My A1C (which is like a player’s batting average in baseball: it shows blood sugar levels over time) is 6.1%, which is normal (anything under 7% is normal). My blood sugar levels are also normal, so we’re all super happy that my pancreas is working as it should! I don’t have to go back to see him until next April, and I’ll have A1C levels drawn every three months, just to keep track (this is a super simple test–it’s just a finger stick. You need a drop of blood, and that’s it.). So rejoice!

Also, we’ve scheduled my two days of Yearly Testing Extravaganza for July 8-9. Eight years baby! Whee!


The clinic was held over in the old hospital, because the current clinic building is being renovated, a floor at a time. So it was on the 5th floor, and let me tell you, it was weird to be back there. That was the old pulmonary/CF floor, where I’d had my first CF hospitalization at age 11, shortly after my  diagnosis, where Dad had ordered pizza for the whole floor the night before my discharge, where I had wheelchair races with a kid named Elvis, and where I’d watched fireworks on the Fourth of July. The floor holds lots of memories, and I kept expecting my former selves to pop up in the rooms. I hadn’t been on that floor in awhile, not since they opened another section of the hospital (4AE) for CF patients, and now, of course, I’m on the transplant service’s floors. But 20 years ago, that floor was home.


Wacky Ohio weather continues–it was 82 on my birthday, and today it’s in the 50s. Oh well. The grass is really green and the flowers are up, so I’m a happy camper.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook–July 9, 2012

Outside my window…slightly cooler than the past week. Only 90 for a high today! Whee! Very dry. Wish it would rain soon. 

I am wearing…green khaki (is that a color?) shorts, an amethyst tank top. 

Around the house…tending the flowers out front. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping…the usual. Decluttering—I can see the kitchen table again! Yay! So I did manage to get a lot under control last week, since I had some days off. Whew. 

To live the liturgy…Mass this week (at least twice, I think), Liturgy of the Hours, Bible reading. (Trying to get back in the swing of that. I’m so bad at lectio divina.) Rosary. The usual. 

I’m reading…Wolf Hall, The Bride of Lammermoor, The Sandcastle Girls (I really need to finish this so I can review it before it comes out)

In the CD player…new broadway cast of Evita. Yes, she annoys me. But I just sing over her. 

Listening to…the clank of the blinds since the A/C’s on. 

Praying for…a woman at my church who just had a preemie baby. 

Thinking about…balancing my time. again. I’m always thinking about this…

Thankful for…over here

Plans for the week…yoga tomorrow; ballet on Wednesday; 20s group (Bible Study focus) on Thursday; dentist on Saturday and then Transplant Anniversary Dinner at Fado! (Mmm. Love Fado. Also it’s the last place I ate pre-transplant call, so it’s very a propos.) 


My godson with our youngest cousin. 

Seven Quick Takes Friday: Starting again with 1

—- 1 —-

OK, so I’ve been sort of lax in my Quick Taking Postings, so I’m going to start over again with No. 1, up there. And be a bit more diligent in my Quick Take posting!

—- 2 —-

So this was a strange week. I had taken M-T off because we thought we may be in Pittsburgh on Monday, and then since Wednesday is the fourth, I had that off. I took Tuesday off because Columbus has its big Fourth celebration the day before, and all the streets close (well, OK, a lot of them close) around noon. So we get a half day. So I had M-W off, and then worked Th-F. Thus, my sense of time is really off. I keep thinking it’s Monday, but it’s FRIDAY! So this is a nice discovery. 

—- 3 —-

Since we were in the Burgh until Monday, we missed the HUGE storm that came through and knocked out everyones’ power in Ohio (well almost everyone). So we came back on Sunday to check out our power situation. I had power. My parents did not, for Sunday night. There are a lot of tree branches still down, because we’ve had additional storms this week. Since it’s also been in the high 90s, with it supposed to be 104 tomorrow (yes, you read that right), A/C is like air around here. We need it! 

—- 4 —-

You don’t usually think gas=electricity, until there isn’t any electricity. And then there’s no gas. On the way back from Pittsburgh, we stopped to get gas at a station near Newark, not thinking they might not have power. They didn’t. So we drove to another one. It was starting to get sort of urgent, because we had a smidgen of gas left, and the A/C was vital to car happiness and survival (Emily and heat—extreme heat—are not friends. That CF salt excess issue? Yeah, transplant doesn’t fix that. So I need to be massively salted and hydrated. I’ve been drinking a lot of gatorade this week.) We finally found a station, although it only had premium available, and got gas, which really meant A/C. Whew.

—- 5 —-

I am reading a TON of books. I’m actually reading about four at a time because I’m just weird like that. Here’s the lineup: Wolf Hall (yeah, I’m late to this party, but I am really like it, and yes, I also have Bringing Up The Bodies); The Bride of Lammermoor, by Walter Scott; A Farewell To Arms (Hemmingway), and The Sandcastle Girls, of which I won an advance copy on Goodreads (the book wont’ be out until July 17) and that’s taken priority because I’m going to review it. So stay turned!

—- 6 —-

So hot. Did I Mention it’s hot? I’ve been hibernating in summer, if you can call it hibernating. Drinking lots of water and gatorade.

—- 7 —-

Movies: ALSO watching lots of movies! I’ve watched: John Adams; The Artist; The Bridges of Madison County; Charlotte’s Web; The New World, and I’mg oing to start The Tudors again. Because when it’s hot, inside=movies. 

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!</p

Simple Woman’s Daybook–July 2, 2012

Outside my window…it’s hot. And sunny. So I’m staying inside today, except for necessary errands. I spent a lot of time over the Pittsburgh vacation (W-yesterday) outside, and today I’m thinking about hibernating. In the summer.

I am wearing…a BalletMet t-shirt and Gap shorts in a watermelon-ish color.  

Around the house…Oh, a lot. Trash to be taken out, groceries to be bought, vacuuming to be done…I am committed to getting this place under control this week. 

From the kitchen…yeah, not really thinking about cooking. But Lemon pasta is happening. And then my Fourth of July pasta salad from PW that I make every year. It makes great leftovers! And possibly raspberry cream pie. Because it’s THAT hot. 

I am reading…what AREN’T I reading? Wolf Hall, Tumbleweeds, The Bride of Lammermoor, A Farewell to Arms, Wise Blood, Emma…Reading a LOT right now. Dipping in and out. Read The Story of Charlotte’s Web over vacation (it’s in paperback now, whee!) and now I want to dig out my copy and read about Fern and Wilburn and Charlotte again. 

In the CD playerOnce soundtrack (Broadway cast). Alternating with the Brave soundtrack, because I love it. 

I am hearing…the blinds clink against each other, which means the A/C is on! 🙂 

Thankful for…over here. A/C tops the list. 

Plans for the week…Vacation until Thursday, then back to work Th-Friday. Then weekend! Sounds good to me. 🙂 A lot of indoor time. Because it’s hot. 

To live the liturgy…Liturgy of the Hours, rosary, Lectio, Mass. 



Seven Quick Takes Friday

  1. Another weekend, another…tornado warning. This is getting to be a habit. And if it’s going to continue, my basement needs lamps and a couch, post-haste.
  2. Tonight I got to do something fun—I got to design my birthday cake!  I have NEVER done this. It was supposed to be a surprise, but since my mom is sick, I went with my dad. It’s a Wizard of Oz cake, of course, with red velvet and milk chocolate layers. The ruby slippers, Toto and the yellow brick road are all incorporated. It’s going to ROCK! (And cream cheese icing) I’m having it with my family on Easter Sunday since my birthday is a rehearsal night. I will, of course, post pics. 
  3. While doom and gloom is being predicted on my TV, I made crab quiche, from a Whole Foods recipe. It’s currently got about 30 minutes to go. I love quiche, but have never tried it, and this recipe sounded easy and perfect. Also this weekend, I’ll be making my basic tomato sauce for pasta puttanesca next week. 
  4. Rehab is going well—done on Wednesday! I can’t believe it. Today was hard but it’s supposed to be at this point. I definitely have more energy and feel a lot better. 
  5. I watched HOP this week: it’s really cute! If you have kids, or just like cute movies, I recommend this one. Neat animation, great voice work (Hugh Laurie!) and it’s just sweet and funny. I might even watch it again. 
  6. Reading: Finished Ahab’s Wife, and really liked it! 
  7. The Play: Going well. We’re off book Act I tomorrow so checking my lines tonight, but I think I Have them all. Acts II and III are harder for my character.