Seven Quick Takes Vol. 30



First snow of the season yesterday. And by “snow” I mean there were some flakes falling that sort of stuck to the wood pile at my parents’ house. So no real accumulation, although the kids at the bus stop in the morning were trying to eat the snowflakes, which I have to say is one of the fun things about snowflakes, even if it does make me think of Lucy in Charlie Brown Christmas.

(She says January snowflakes are better than December snowflakes. Maybe they’re like wine and they improve as winter goes on? No idea.)

If you’re new here, this is how I feel about snow: I like it from now until Jan. 1. Then the holidays are over, and I’m done with snow.


So this morning the State Highway Patrol had “training exercises” at work. Good thing there were lots of signs, otherwise I would’ve had a heart attack upon seeing five heavily armed and armored men entering my office. It was like the FBI raid scene in ET + The Hurt Locker all in one. Crazy.


Tonight is the opening of the last weekend for And Then There Were None. I am sad, because I really like this cast, but at least we have three shows and a cast party left! I’m hoping I can finish my grandma’s Christmas scarf while I sit backstage tonight. 🙂


Speaking of Christmas gifts, here are a few suggestions: Soap and/or candles from these nuns, and rosaries from these sisters. Affordable and Holy! 🙂 Reason for the season! All that stuff!


In terms of cute: This picture of Baby Prince George and his parents. I mean, too cute.

“Yes, I am awesome! I am fourth in line to the throne! I want cake! Hurray!” 

And this one:

“Yeah, whatever, I’m clearly the cutest thing here. Where is cake. (Yeah, I don’t have teeth. What does that have to do with anything?)” 


The Pope on confession: It’s not a torture chamber.


PS: Note about the queen’s outfit, above. Someone must make her hats and coats together, because that degree of fabric match is pretty incredible. And what will that person do when the queen dies? Because I can’t see Charles going about in hats and coats like these. And I really don’t want to, either.