Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. 22



I hope all my American readers had a Glorious Fourth! (I’m assuming not all of you are Americans…I could be wrong in this) It rained on and off here, which lead to a crazy packed movie theater. My brother, his girlfriend and I went to see Despicable Me 2, because sometimes you need minions in your life.



If you haven’t seen the first one, that’s OK. This isn’t a movie that requires you to have seen the first one, although I do recommend it, just because it’s super-cute.

After the minions, my parents and I had dinner at Max and Erma’s. Nothing quite says the Fourth like a big cheeseburger and a cookie. I finished the day by making a raspberry cream pie and watching 1776: “This is a revolution, damn it! We’re going to offend somebody!”


Today I also have off, so I’m cleaning, cooking, reading, and then going to Act II music tech rehearsal tonight. Music tech is where you just practice the music without costumes, lights, all that stuff. Sometimes it’s called a sitzprobe, but we don’t sit. We block per usual. But the focus is on the music, first and foremost. Also in music tech, we’re working from the top down–meaning the numbers with the biggest number of people, down to the solos. (In a sitzprobe, you sing through the whole show, in order.) So since I’m only in the Finale, I hope that this means short rehearsal for moi. Because tomorrow starts…


Tech week.

Tech week is where all the parts of the show come together: lighting, any special effects, costumes, scenery, music from the pit. Everything at one time. Now, we have really been ahead of the game this year in that we’ve been doing lights, moving scenery and props in and out of the scenes, and even incorporating some costumes, for the past week. So I think it will go more smoothly than tech usually goes for a show of this size. At least I’m hoping so. We start at 9 AM and go until we’re done. People usually bring lots of food so we can fortify ourselves when we’re not on stage. 🙂 I probably won’t be in full costume tomorrow–just some pieces, but will start full costume next week. We’ve got a pretty quick change between “At the End of the Day” and “Lovely Ladies”–just “I Dreamed A Dream” is between them–and the LL costumes are fairly elaborate.


Speaking of LL costumes–yesterday I made my hat! I’ll have pictures up later, but basically I took a star hat frame and added a ribbon, feathers, and a cluster of flowers. It’s so adorable. I love it! Maybe I should’ve been a milliner?


Pope Francis’ first encyclical is out today. Read it here. It’s been called and encyclical written “with four hands”, because B XVI began it, so I’m really interested to read the final result. (Which I will do after this is up) In other church news: two new Saints! Bl. John Paul II and Bl. John XXIII are going to be canonized. Rock on!


Books I read this week: Kisses from Katie; started Jane Austen: A Life In Small Things, and Love Walked In.


Monday and Tuesday are my annual testing-palooza at the resort (AKA Nationwide Children’s). Let the fun begin! I’m sure most of the tests will be fine; I’ve been feeling great. But one never knows.