What is your damage, Princess Merida’s hair? I am going through some MAJOR HAIR ENVY this week and it’s all 1,500 of your individually animated CGI curls’ fault!

You’ve completely mesmerized me. I see you everywhere now — undulating and breathing fire over my bed, waving your honorary Independent Spirit award in front of my face and whispering with varying degrees of fierceness, “Look at all my different textures.” I want to buy a blanket of you that I could drape over my head while in public and prop up somewhere in my line of vision while resting in private, non-mirrored rooms. Since you came into my life, I’d mist you so bad.

KEEP READING: What is your damage, Princess Merida’s hair?

One of my favorite scenes. Love teh animation on the rabbit.

Stay calm, it can probably smell fear.

To be able to do something even 1/1,000,000 as gracefully as this is why I go to ballet class.