31 days 2012: 31 days of Literature

Day 1: Introduction: Gothic Lit and Fairy Tales

Day 2: What do we mean by Gothic Literature, anyway? 

Day 3: Elements of Gothic Literature

Day 4: Gothic in-depth: Frankenstein 

Day 5: Gothic in-depth: The Phantom of the Opera

Day 6: Gothic in-depth: Dracula

Day 7: Gothic sub-genre: Female Gothic

Day 8: Female Gothic: Wuthering Heights

Day 9: Female Gothic: Charlotte Bronte

Day 10: Urban Gothic

Day 11: Gothic Authors and Their books

Day 12: Fairy Tales!

Day 13: Once Upon A Time…

Day 14: The Brothers Grimm (Are Grimm Indeed!) 

Day 15: About that apple….

Day 16: Towers, Thorns and Twins (Rapunzel) 

Day 17: Going French

Day 18: She’s as lovely as her name (Cinderella) 

Day 19: Sleeping Beauty

Day 20: In the State of Denmark (Hans Christian Andersen)

Day 21: The Snow Queen

Day 22: Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid) 

Day 23: The Red Shoes

Day 24: Beauty and the Beast

Day 25: What’s the difference between Fairy Tales and Fantasy? 

Day 26: Fairy Tale References in Popular Culture

Day 27: Take the Fairy Tale Poll!

Day 28: Books to Read Before You Die

Day 29: The Universal Power of Literature

Day 30: How to Get Into The Reading Habit

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