Day 7: Gothic sub-genre: female gothic

So, we’ve talked about what gothic lit it, and we’ve examined it.

Now it’s time to dive into the sub-genres!

The first one: female gothic. For brevity, think the Brontes. For those of you who would like a more complete definition:

Female Gothic: Explores women’s entrapment in the domestic sphere and subjection to patriarchal authority and the trangressive      and dangerous attempts to subvert and escape these restrictions. The woman moves from innocence/childhood to maturity through the course of the novel.

Examples are, like I said, the Brontes. Wuthering Heights, Villette and Jane Eyre are prime examples of this, which we will explore over the next few days!

There is also a sense of the supernatural in these stories, which is different from “Regular” or “pure” gothic. All of the novels above, for example, have a ghost, or a supposed ghost, make an appearance (or many) in the novels.


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