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My singing voice is somewhere between a drunken apology and a plumbing problem.

Awww, Colin, it’s not that bad!

LOVE that tub and wine photo. Sign me up. 

This is my favorite scene so far in DA, period. 


Day 4:
Best Mary’s quote

Matthew: I couldn’t marry any woman.
Mary: And if they should just want to be with you? On any terms? 

Simple Woman’s Daybook–January 30, 2012

Outside my window…sunny! It’s going to be almost 60 degrees tomorrow. This is January? I’ll take it. 

I am wearing…jeans and a peach sweater. My body isn’t being super-cooperative today so I’m at home. Sigh. Body can’t wait for the sinuses to be drained! 

From the kitchen…citrus couscous w/ edible flowers for dinner. Later this week: asparagus, goat cheese, pesto and proscuitto sandwiches, and tequila lime salmon w/ black rice. 

Around the house…It’s actually (shock) pretty clean. So a light housekeeping load this week.

I am reading…some of Mother Angelica’s books on prayer and scripture. Also Purgatorio (only 10 more cantos!)

In the CD player…The best of Simon and Garfunkle. 

Some plans for the week…Candlemas on Thursday; audition on Sunday. 

Thankful for…the Monday list. 

I like pampering myself with life’s little luxuries. You know, like sitting in an armchair and reading a good book that you have bought yourself with joy- by this, I mean a book that you have purchased for yourself, to experience and not to display on a coffee table. Or like listening to a piece of music that touches the very bottom of your heart. Music is extremely important to me.

Christian Bale (Corriere Della Sera’s Style Magazine, Jan/Feb 2012)

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Downton Digressions, IV

  • I love William! He’s so brave. 
  • Matthew as war commander. I like it. 
  • Side note: How did ANYONE fight a war when it was all yelling and charging at each other with swords? I would have been scared stiff. There would have been no running, no anything….just terror.
  • “Daisy, what’s the matter with you?” “Someone walked over my grave…” 
  • Mary and her psychic connection to Matthew. Liked the dropped tea cup. 
  • Oh, God. Matthew. William. Absolutely..
  • .Mary’s face is just white. She’s like a statue. If it wasn’t obvious to everyone how much she loves Matthew, it’s evident now. 
  • Daisy asking about William: credit to her. 
  • Even Edith is acting appropriately! Oh, good show!
  • Bates and Anna. At least some things are good. And Anna, praying for them. (Did I mention I love Anna? Have I? Well, not this installment…)
  • William wounded, too…and it sounds bad. Oh my. 
  • “I am not Jacobin revolutionary….we just need one bed for one man, from this village!” Oh good show Violet! Rock on Dowager Countess. And Edith! Wow! Stepping up for the footman!
  • “It always happens when you give these little people power. It goes to their heads like strong drink!” 
  • Oh, well, Thomas doesn’t “mind” Matthew. That’s high praise. (Snort.) 
  • Wait….is Thomas about to stand up for William?!?!?! Holy of Holies!
  • Oh Mary….I love you so, so much. You are so nice!
  • Oh yes, we’re glad someone’s thought of Lavinia. Gag. 
  • Lord G feels so bad for Mary. It’s very touching. The scene in her bedroom? Kudos. 
  • “Now she’s got the bit between her teeth”—Mrs. Patmore and her way with words!
  • Oh, Daisy’s conscience is pricking her. Poor Daisy. 
  • Oh, Mrs. Bates! Go the freak away!
  • Oh yeah, Violet’s working the Peerage. Good show! “Shrimpie? Yes, it’s Aunt Violet!” 
  • Calling Anna a floozy! Whoa! Not good Vera. BACK OFF. 
  • “It’s nowt to do with me”—Anna’s letting that Yorkshire fly. 🙂 
  • Vera is such a P( %)(!*#%^)( ! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Time for more in the Soap Opera of Sybil and Branson….gag….
  • “Is she still in love with him?” Well, what do YOu think, you idiot!? Oh, man, almost every time he speaks I want to smack him. HOW does Sibyl like him? 
  • Violet manages everything she sets her mind to. Learn that, doc. 
  • Oh no, William……..tear! NOT WILLIAM!!!. 😦 😦 And his poor father….
  • ‘See, sometimes, we must let the blow fall by degrees.” Very wise, Lady Violet. 
  • Oh dude, Doc, BACK OFF when it comes to Mary and Matthew. Just BACK OFF. 
  • “I’m not much good at hanging back, I’m afraid.” That’s right, Mary. You tell ‘im! And Sibyl doing the sister support stand-by. Kudos. 
  • Oh, Matthew…………………….
  • Oh, it’s Mary’s dog. Tear again….
  • Mary as war nurse.More proof that she loves him…can you see her doing this for anyone else? No. 
  • Daisy’s gonna lose it. Guaranteed. 
  • “Silly mare.”—LOVE how O’Brien categories Vera. Perfect. 
  • She really does love Lady Cora. Sort of….bizarre….is this post-soap remorse? Or…
  • Anna appraises Mary on Vera’s threats. She is almost more friend than maid. 
  • Oh, Mary’s going to talk to Richard. Sigh. 
  • “I think I can take some time off to save my own neck.” Mary is getting some awesome lines tonight. 
  • Poor William……… I”m glad Mrs. P is with him.
  • Oh, Edith wants to be wrong! That’s a first. 
  • Oh goodness, LAVINIA LEAVE! I don’t care if they’re “engaged” (harrumph) GO AWAY!!!!!!!
  • Mary holds up better than Lavinia, is anyone surprised? 
  • Oh gosh, Lavinia don’t cry where he can HEAR YOU!!!!!!
  • Oh my. Well this does have repercussions for the lineage….whoa-oh. That’s not good. 
  • Matthew Needs Mary. Full stop. Not this “small blonde thing.” 
  • Don’t like to Mary, Lord G. Just don’t. 
  • And she doesn’t SAY anything to him? Oh, Lavinia is hopeless. 
  • Oh, it’s Ethel! Wow, that baby came quickly. Geezy Louisy!
  • Y’know, Ethel, I wouldn’t be biting the hand that feeds you…
  • “You don’t have to be Shakespeare.” 
  • And again, I repeat…can someone get Daisy another dress? 
  • Edith’s hair is nice when it’s all curly and pulled up. 
  • Wow Edith hears marriage and her ears perk up!
  • Daisy—you sort of flubbed that. Wow. Not nice. (sigh…) 
  • Hmm who is this clear, grey-eyed maid? 
  • Oh he’s dreaming of Mary. Are we surprised? Sadly…not. Oh, there she is!
  • Oh Mary, you can’t deny Matthew. You know it. 
  • Mary delivers bad news well. Very well. 
  • “Just not a very mobile one.” Oh gosh, they both look like they’re going to cry. 
  • “Would you like some tea? I would.” Mary’s going to spike that tea, I’d bet. 
  • Now she’s lost it. Well at least she held it up for Matthew. 
  • Mary’s hat in the “Richard Confession” Scene is awesome. I want it, now. And her coat!
  • Richard doesn’t really know Mary, does he. She is not really cold and careful…not to Matthew…
  • Oh Richard is being an{_()*#%)!&%)(&!! Mary, do us all a favor and toss him off. 
  • “We may dissolve it with a minimus of discomfort.” Oh yes, Mary can be cold when she’s being sharp. Much to learn there. She is fantastic. 
  • Richard is….oily. Ugh. 
  • New housemaid is a war widow. Interesting. 
  • Oh, Cora enters! And talks! Wow! Wondered if she was coming in this episode. 
  • Oh, marital strife. Not good. 
  • Daisy’s conscience is a bit sensitive here. I would marry William now…I mean, he’s dying.
  • Oh there’s the look. Oh geez, how can Matthew want to marry a little thing like this, she’s so….dumb. 
  • Oh, Matthew….I think I’m gonna cry. 
  • 1) Matthew is being dumb and noble. 2) What is Lavinia going to do with this? 
  • Yes, they shot the czar! Oh, you were wrong, Branson! (See Ep. I…)
  • “Sometimes the future needs terrible sacrifices!” Geez, Branson, smack you upside the head…
  • I don’t understand how Sibyl likes him. He’s terribly disrespectful of her. 
  • Richard does play this well (scene with Vera) I have to say. 
  • Daisy, you have to do this. Just man up and do it.  
  • No one can withstand Mrs P and Mrs. H together. No one. 
  • Oh, William……! (OK, sorry if I keep repeating myself, but geez….) Oh he’s trying to help Daisy! He is SO NICE….! 
  • (Really like the lighting in the hall scene here…Daisy and William’s Dad)
  • Oh NO. Not another Mary and Lavinia heart to heart!
  • Yes, Lavinia, there’s the problem: you are lacking in the brain department. But Mary didn’t know about this either (because her father doesn’t tell her things, grrr.) 
  • “I’ll die if I can’t be with him.” Yes, I think Mary feels the same, silly Lavinia!
  • “I don’t think asking permissions is his strongest suit.” 
  • Oh, Violet is going to bat for William. I LOVE HER. “William Mason has served our family well> At the last, he saved the life, if not the health of my son’s heir. Now he wishes, before he dies, to marry his sweetheart.” You bring it, Violet. “I will certainly attend his wedding. Is that an argument in its favor?” 
  • Oh yeah. Threats work well, I love you, Violet. 
  •  ”But then, we believe her story.” Oooh, Mrs. Hughes. 
  • Richard! Way to defend the new fiancee!
  • Oh my Daisy, you look pretty! And what nice flowers! It’s nice that Daisy has other clothes! 🙂 
  • “Is that sentiment or superstition in case he haunts you?” Oh, touche, O’Brien.
  • Carson as escort for Daisy. How sweet. 
  • Oh, how pretty is the room! Love the flowers and Lady Violet. 🙂 Oh, she’s crying! Like, real tears! (Did anyone think she could cry?!)
  • I think all of the servants are trying desperately not to cry. Even O’Brien. 
  • “And if they should just want to be with you? On any terms?” 
  • Oh, Matthew….
  • Oh, Isobel’s back. Eugh. Well, she is his mother…
  • Really, I just want Mary and Matthew together. Forever. Sigh. 
  • Gotta love that big smile from Anna. 
  • “My lamb”—wow, Mrs. P’s laying on thick. 
  • “I’ll not leave him now, not while he needs me.” 
  • Ohh, William…………..tear……why William?!?! Why not THOMAS?!?!?!?!?

And next time: Is Carson leaving? And what’s up with Anna? “I don’t have to marry him you know,” oooh Mary says to Matthew! And do we see Sibyl and the AWFUL CHAUFFEUR getting engaged, too? 

And did Lavinia go back to London? Wha? Guess we’ll find out next week. 

(OK, yes, we know how this ends. So we also know that Lord Richard’s threat is just empty talk.)